Tuesday, December 08, 2009

oh tiger, you're not outta the woods yet

it's everywhere. you can't escape it. tiger woods and his multiple transgressions. while this whole scandal is largely very exciting for me (for other reasons than it simply being juciy gossip), i have to admit that it did get me thinking bout cheating.

this has always been something i worry bout, especially since the statistics of men who cheat aren't comforting. and then again you have to define what exactly constitutes cheating. is it an emotional connection? a physical expression? what if you were drunk? how bout flirting? going out with a possible intention? the list of question marks goes on.

which is why i think it's generally a good idea to be with someone who just doesn't even dance along those dangerous lines (even if he could). and this makes the alpha boy especially good to have.

just last night, i happened to "stalk" cutie aussie colleagues summer vacation pictures on his online social utility site. and i came across all these exciting pictures of him lazing on a boat, partying in the sun, partying in the night, hugging many different women... you get the picture. an awesome time, no doubt. i almost wished my life was half as exciting as that.

but while i do believe that cutie aussie colleague is a good guy and that i'm generally a rather confident and secure female, i must say that if he were my guy, i wouldn't exactly be the most thrilled to have him hugging many different women.

and it's times like these, in the midst of an ever increasing tiger woods scandal, that i really appreciate that for the most part ('coz you can never be too sure), i don't really have to worry bout that happening with the alpha boy. and that is something i always remind myself of when i occasionally get frustrated with him.

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At 4:38 AM, Blogger Jenny DB said...

AAhh but you can't get too jealous cuz then you lose that confident and attractive air. But then I guess it depends what you wnat. I want my BF to be ok with me hugging other guys, etc. cuz i have lots of guy friends and heck.. do unto others.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger jo said...

jenny DB: i agree that there's gotta be balance with the jealously thing. so maybe this seems like a double standard 'coz i'm quite the huggy veggy type. i don't want a bf who freaks out everytime i give a guy a friendly hug. and likewise i don't freak out when he hugs his ex gf (that's the only other girl he would hug). but i guess i don't want him to be all super huggy with every other random chick.

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Dater at Large said...

I would like to think that if you're being cheated on there are other signs that something's off in your relationship - so you wouldn't need to be jealous - just observant.

There's always the exception, but I have a hard time believing the writing wasn't already on Tiger's wall before the public blow out.


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