Sunday, May 16, 2010

some of the best conversations are had when tipsy

i work in a job that though can be absolutely hectic at times, can also be a lot of fun. and a lot of that can be attributed to the fact that i'm happy to say that i simply have a crazy fun bunch of colleagues.

we don't do office parties too much, generally once a year, sometimes twice. but on friday we had an almost impromptu party with the purpose of finishing up a whole lot of wine that we had left over from an event. it was a great time and things started getting crazier as the lot of us ingested more and more wine.

the cute aussie guy of the namecard giving (who, to refresh everyone's memory, is my colleague) brought along his fiancee to the party. i worked with her in my job when she was previously a client contact and due to the ties she has with the company i work for, i have had opportunities to get to know her better and we get along pretty well. we hadn't caught up in a while and so we were just chatting away. somehow the conversation turned to mention cutie aussie (now ex) colleague who not only used to work in the company but is also a childhood friend of cute aussie guy of the namecard giving.

now i used to fancy cutie aussie (now ex) colleague. i like to think that i was never that obvious bout it but obviously i'm wrong. 'coz she then mentioned something along the lines of a definite sentence of "you like him". admittedly i panicked in my head for a moment wondering if all my time of attempting to play it cool never worked 'coz she's the second one (the first being another of my colleagues) who called me out on liking him. crap!

i deflected it all very nicely with a "i don't like him". well it's true... i don't like him now... and she started going on bout how he's single and how i should stay with him in my next trip to his side of the world (which in all likelihood i would wind up at at some point since it's where my best friend lives). so i expertly declared "but i'm not single".

like any true girltalk, she then excitedly started asking me bout the alpha boy. i extoled one of his greatest virtues which was his low propensity to cheat. she agreed wholeheartedly on the importance of that and confided that that's why she picked cute aussie guy of the namecard giving.

i was slightly uncomfortable. 'coz i have on rather good authority that he has cheated on her many times before. granted he probably didn't actually sleep with someone else but well, there's been other very questionable behaviors on business trips which would definitely count as cheating in anyone's books. but of 'coz i'm in no position to burst her bubble.

she also shared that she was annoyed that cutie aussie (now ex) colleague slept with best friend on the first day they met and didn't even bother calling her after. i must say that that kinda ruined my impression of him. though strangely i'm not entirely surprised that he would do something like that. not that he's necessarily a jerk per se, but just that i always got the impression that he wasn't looking to settle down in any way and in some way lacked the maturity in relationships.

i guess it kinda went back to the whole cheating thing and how it's always been something that i'm most worried bout given the statistics of people who cheat. and i mean guys as well as girls. which basically means that i too am worried that i would cheat, not that i necessarily would, but the truth is, there just isn't any guarantees. i suppose in a way it's good to worry bout yourself cheating so that you would be more aware to not put yourself in any situations which might cause you to do so. the alpha boy would never be able to forgive that. and frankly, i wouldn't be able to forgive myself either.



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