Friday, June 18, 2010

it's just that one fleeting moment

i don't usually take a flight alone. generally it's mostly with family or friends or colleagues. but if you can get past the loneliness of it all, sometimes it's a rather nice thought to be alone on a flight. for the most part, my solo flights have lead to some pretty good conversations.

recently i went on day business trip which required me to take a 1-hour flight to my destination. on the flight back i was alone as my boss was staying a night. maybe 'coz it was a short flight or maybe 'coz people around the area aren't naturally too friendly to strangers, it completely didn't occur to me that i might actually have a friendly flight neighbor.

he was already seated at his window seat when i arrived to place my laptop in the overhead compartment. i plonked next to him in the middle seat that i chose. my boss was supposed to have occupied the isle seat next to me before she changed her plans and i didn't know if that seat had now been taken up by another passenger. but in the end it wasn't. and i never shifted seats either.

before the plane even started up on the runway, the guy turned to me and started up a conversation by asking if i would like him to turn off the aircon darts. i didn't. but that broke the ice. we had the usual conversation bout our reasons for being on the flight. and since mine was due to work, that pretty much led to talk bout my work.

now, my work is rather interesting. it's something that fascinates most people and guys in particular. and he declared me his best friend 2 seconds after he found out bout my job. we went on to talk easily bout various topics including the world cup. we joked around and he even slapped me on the arm of which i reciprocated by elbowing him back lightly. i suppose it was kinda strange for 2 strangers who just got to know each other.

the flight went by very pleasantly and faster than expected. we were just having such good conversation.

okay this is the part where i admit that i half thought that he would have asked for my email (perhaps not phone number as we did live an hour's flight apart) but he didn't. he offered to carry my laptop before we got lost somewhere between customs and the taxi stand.

i'm not entirely bothered bout it all. i mean i'm perfectly okay with this purely just being a good entertaining flight conversation. afterall, it's clear that he's done this many times before. and maybe only the guys who are interested in something more would have asked for my contact. i guess i just kinda wished that we got the chance to say a proper goodbye before we went on our separate lives never to see or hear from one another again.


At 7:41 PM, Blogger Toni said...

I love flying, I still get a thrill when approaching the airport. It's the promise of new destinations and the possibility of anything. OK it's not quite the rush I used to get when I was on the ship my dad worked on, that was magnified more by the intensity of getting the cargo loaded and meeting tidal deadlines and the beauty of sailing past a city. You would be surprised how attractive most cities can be from a distance, Liverpool is a good example.

As far as flying goes, I have only flown business or first for some time now and I am always aware how busy most of those people are, so don't readily engage in conversation. Added to which, my favourite Airlines are Emirates and Quatar, which have a lot of middle eastern passangers and you just don't talk to single arab women. A lot of men no longer feel comfortable asking women for contact details or even opening a conversation because of bad experiences in the past. Still, I have made some friends and some great business contacts when flying.

At 9:08 PM, Blogger treedome said...

That's so nice, stuff like that would make my day. A proper goodbye and maybe some email exchange would be the cherry on top for me. ^_^

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Awe, how fun! He should have so asked for your email, at least. Maybe he's kicking himself right now!

At 9:39 AM, Blogger jo said...

toni: a ship? wow that sounds awesome. except that i'd probably get seasick haha! lucky you for usually flying business or first class while the rest of us mere mortals slum it out in economy :P but yeah i suppose i do get it that some guys might find it a bit awkward to ask a woman for her contact details on a flight. though that said, this guy and i did have pretty darn good conversation that he should have realised that i was probably gonna be a pretty cool friend :)

treedome: yeah it totally made my day. funny how a lil something so random like that is pleasing.

lifebeginsat30ty: i'm totally hoping that he's kicking himself right now too :P

At 9:00 PM, Blogger Bronwen Jones said...

jo, what's your job?


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