Monday, February 07, 2011

this is just another example

the setting:
it was after lunch with the alpha boy's extended family. since it was near my place, the alpha boy's parents dropped me off. my parents happened to be getting ready to leave at that very instant. the alpha boy noticed them and informed us in the car.

the expectation:
i thought his dad would drop me and stop to say hi to my parentals since well, they were right there.

the reality:
but his dad zoomed past and dropped me and then waved goodbye as he sped off.

the confusion:
i (as well as my parents) honestly found the behavior really odd. any one would right? one would think that it was only normal common courteosy if those were your son's long-term girlfriend's parents, you would actually stop for a bit on a decidedly non crowded carpark to say hi and exchange quick pleasantries.

the excuse:
i decided to bring this up to the alpha boy. expectedly he saw nothing wrong and in fact thought it weird that one would expect such a thing. he reasoned that our parents don't know each other. yes, and honestly i was fine with them not meeting as yet but when chance saw it that they did in fact meet, wasn't it not considered kinda rude that they didn't stop to say hi? he said that if i expected them to say hi, i should have said just that.

the aftermath:
once again i'm left realising how completely different we are and wondering if i can even deal with this.



At 3:53 AM, Anonymous Amanda @ Wild Oats said...

hmmm...that is a bit odd! Were you planning on having them meet anytime soon??

At 6:00 AM, Blogger treedome said...

I agree with you, even if they haven't met, they could've waved or something, a smile even. or maybe they were shy and didn't do anything because you and alpha boy haven't made arrangements for them to meet, and probably are waiting for you two to introduce them?

At 6:28 AM, Blogger s.212 said...

oh wow that's kind of strange for his dad to not even wave goodbye?! Is his dad normally the shy, quiet type? And yes it's times like this when you find out the real differences between you and a guy, family is usually a really important deciding factor for a lot of girls!

At 10:51 AM, Blogger jo said...

i had to re-read what i wrote 'coz i started thinking that perhaps i was misleading... his dad did wave goodbye, but i thought that would have just stopped for like a second, roll down his window and say hi. maybe it's expectations? i guess i just thought that's normal common courteosy.

amanda: i wasn't really planning on having them meet. i mean i reckon if things progressed to marriage, at some point they would have to. but seeing as how i'm shunning that for now... haha!

treedome and s212: his dad isn't the shy, quiet type per se but let's just say that he doesn't always talk a whole lot and is sometimes rather strange. his brother takes after him. that dude does not say a word. and when he does, it sounds as though he's arguing.

At 9:08 PM, Anonymous G/W said...

Yes, I agree that this was very strange. I guess the social norms really are different in the family. All I can feel is that they felt awkward or that they wanted to meet them "properly" but you already nixed that one? I guess we all have strange people in families. Maybe Alpha Boy is just used to his weird way of handling stuff like this so he didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary.


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