Monday, January 31, 2011

it's only exciting if you're doing these things with me

the swedish guy is one who makes new year resolutions. they are generally in the form of deciding that he's going to learn or do something new or doing something more (like travelling) or less (like drinking).

which is why i wished him happy new year a few weeks ago when the new year was still relatively new. i was curious to find out what was he intending to learn or do this time.

he is probably one of the people i've met who was the closest to what i wanted in general. we always had fun and it was with him where i got the chance to do different things be it watching a bollywood movie or dancing to the wilbury twist by the travelling wilburys or laughing as we watched the entire season of fawlty towers or watching casablanca, one of the old classic movies i always wanted to watch, or lying on his bed talking bout books and life, exchanging book suggestions (which is how he got to read a book from my favorite medical thriller genre and i read the philosophy book, zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance) or playing mini golf or dancing salsa by the roadside. of 'coz there was also the cuddling and making out.

he just had this amazing zest for life. to me, that was always the most attractive thing bout him. the energy. i miss being with a person like that.

unfortunately he was also someone who was so busy doing so many other exciting things that he didn't have time to include me in his life. or more likely, he didn't care enough to.



At 4:37 PM, Anonymous G/W said...

I find that guys like that usually turn out to be exhausting once you're actually in relationship mode with them.
It's so often that my friends meet one of these guys and it goes well for a month or two before fizzling out. It's not necessarily because he loses interest. At times, she just can't or won't keep up and he can't understand why because she seemed like such a cool chick. At other times, she beats him down into wanting a normal life and he eventually has a existential crisis and leaves. These sort of guys are floaters- they rarely settle down.
Guys like Swedish Guy do seem like a good idea... but I think only in theory.

P.S. I love Fawlty Towers

At 5:38 PM, Blogger jo said...

g/w: hmm this is an interesting thought... i have thought that guys who are TOO outgoing, while fun, probably aren't a good idea. i never really thought of swedish guy as one of those guys (maybe 'coz i actually liked him) but come to think of it, you do bring up a good point. afterall he did pick me up in a club which is how we started to begin with.

At 9:21 PM, Anonymous G/W said...

Club picker-uppers are no good. I only know of one friend who had a lasting relationship with a guy and met him at a bar- he's psychotic though, that tells you something.
I think outgoing/fun guys are fine when they settle down. I know a few who've been in long-term relationships for a while. There's just certain things about these other guys that you can pick up on- the restlessness, the wanderlust, lack of ambition etc


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