Sunday, January 16, 2011

i'd say hi but i'd rather avoid the awkwardness

the alpha boy and i decided to head to a different mall yesterday for a change. incidentally it's the place where i went with the drummer boy a lot when we were seeing each other previously and i found myself wondering if i would run into him there.

so i don't really mention it here but in the last 2 years that we stopped seeing each other, drummer boy and i have still somehow managed to keep in touch via IM. i've "dated" many guys before and never really kept in touch so it's funny how drummer boy and i did. then again our pseudo relationship was the closest i had to a relationship before the alpha boy so maybe that explains it.

so the alpha boy and i were walking past a bookshop when i realised that it was hosting a tarot card reading. bells went off since drummer boy had since gotten very involved in a tarot card reading group and that very bookshop is the place where drummer boy's girlfriend works in.

i peered in and instantly saw him. he looks pretty much the same. not that i actually thought he would change. i also saw his girlfriend. she looks pretty much the same as the pictures i've seen. she's short, on the heavier side and isn't particularly attractive. i've never been "insecure" bout her in the way that one might be "insecure" bout a new gifrlfriend of an ex. i would have definitely walked in to say hi... after he and i are friends... except that i didn't really want the alpha boy and drummer boy to meet.

later as the alpha boy and i were walking around, i saw drummer boy walking in the opposite direction. thankfully he wasn't paying attention and shortly turned to the same corridor leading to the bathroom that we were intending to go. i slowed my walking pace but we were still headed for that same bathroom except that at the last minute the alpha boy realised that it looked crowded and decided to try a different one in the mall. whew! that was a close shave. it's just one of things where if we all did meet, it would be slightly awkward.

but 'coz drummer boy and i technically are still in touch, i texted him a little later (still in the same mall) to say that i saw him.



At 7:49 PM, Blogger Lifebeginsat30ty said...

So did alpha boy know that all of this was going on? I could see how it could be awkward but then also not if you just made it funny. Next time, say hi :)

At 10:51 PM, Blogger D said...

Interesting scenario to be in for sure! But I gotta know why didn't you want them to meet?

At 1:39 PM, Blogger jo said...

lifebeginsat30ty: the alpha boy did not know a thing. i guess i could have said hi and just said that drummer boy was a friend without going into too much detail but it seems too much effort.

D: i didn't want them to meet 'coz i felt awkward bout potentially having to explain to the alpha boy. not that he doesn't know that i'm still in touch with drummer boy but you know, i just didn't want him to put a face to a story.


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