Monday, January 17, 2011

somewhere between dreams and destiny

when drummer boy and i do get a chance to have an engaging conversation (and by that i really mean via IM), we do actually have a good time. perhaps it was the aftermath of having run into him after 2 years but recently i had a dream bout him.

it was a strange and hilarious dream. i don't even remember it all too clearly except that he was living on a boat or something like that and was a father of 3 kids with (no, not me!) his current girlfriend.

something as ludicrious as this meant that i had to tell him. and so i did. with us having a bit of a laugh. and admittedly with him initially thinking that he had those kids with me. ha! he wished!

so we had the ball rolling and the makings of a pretty good conversation going. it then turned into a topic of tarot card reading as an extension of what the bookstore was hosting that day i saw him.

i'm unsure bout these things. i know some friends who regularly gets a reading from some really spot on readers. in fact i myself have gotten a free reading nearly 3 years ago. the scary thing is that a fair bit of what the tarot card reader said to me then actually came true or at least seems to be coming true. both for love and my career.

in a rare moment of honesty (and probably 'coz i don't feel a thing now), i actually 'fessed up to drummer boy that the tarot card reader had told me bout him before he came into my life. yes, he was the guy i would meet and have that exciting relationship with but i would not be able to fully commit to.

but here's the scary thing... the tarot card reader also told me then that she sees my true love coming in a few years and he wouldn't be local. in fact she paused and pondered for a bit after saying that and then confirming again that she's pretty sure he wouldn't be local. i met the alpha boy at the end of that year. and he's local.

drummer boy said that sometimes the reading "expires" so to speak. and honestly i'm too rational and know too well to let such things control my life. but yet, it's something that i can't help but feel is hanging over my head. especially when a recent conversation with my mom (who has nothing against the alpha boy per se) had her mention that someone with my personality and type would have been better off with a non local guy who was open-minded, adventurous and seen the world. and when sometimes i actually agree with her.

go figure this whole things freaks me out a bit.

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At 6:17 PM, Anonymous girlslashwoman said...

I used to be like that. I had a palm reading done when I was 10 (I know) that told me I would have a serious boyfriend when I was a teenager but wouldn't meet the man I married until my late 20's. I never had that boyfriend but I had the longest crush all through my teenage years on a boy who used to like me for a bit. I eventually forgot about that because it seemed very sketchy (about half the girls my age have a serious boyfriend in their teens) but for a long time, it's all I could think about.
Two years ago I talked to a medium and a month after, I had a palm reading and a tarot reading done at a psychic fair. All three were bunk. From then on, I swore off all that business.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger jo said...

girlslashwoman: ahh maybe you're unreadable to the psychics out there haha! the scary part is that most of my reading actually came true. and when it comes to a life partner, i kinda can't help but get a bit paranoid bout who is the one and if the one i'm with is it.


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