Tuesday, March 07, 2006

and the appropriate reaction to a non-response...

... would be to kiss her friend.

okay so it wasn't in reaction to my non-response bout the date thing. but maybe it was in reaction to my previous non-responses which was due to my own confusion and not wanting to complicate things further.

well i'll be damned... this certainly complicates things further. how much further can it be complicated when he leans in to kiss my friend!

i wouldn't even have known until my oldest school friend happened to add in a cryptic one-liner in her blog talking bout an unexpected kiss that she didn't really wanna think bout.

basically i had to grill her bout it and her reluctance to tell me told me that it was indeed prick04. she's pecked him on the lips before in front of me. all part of the random flirting thing that happens post breakup. but he never really seemed to respond so being the general open-minded me, i let it go.

anyhow i finally got the story outta her. it happened on the mid-week drinking nite when he sent her home after he had sent me back. that was also the nite where he texted me asking me to come downstairs to meet him saying that he really wanted to see me.

goodness! what on earth did he think? that he was gonna get some more lip action after he kissed my friend??

i have no idea what to think at this moment. i guess this revelation does complicate things further and makes me even more reluctant to give him another chance. i mean he claims that he's so in love with me and he's going round kissing my friends? okay so it's just one friend... but that's bad enough. maybe i'm over reacting, i mean afterall it's not like we have any commitment or whatever. he's single and free to do whatever he wants. though it would have been a lot better if he didn't kiss my friend.

so am i angry with my friend? honestly i'm not entirely sure. i'd be lying if i said that i wasn't a tad pissed off at all. i mean i'm open-minded enough to deal with her flirting with him and pecking him on the lips. but that doesn't mean that anything goes. though maybe i'm over reacting again 'coz she's single and he's single and there's no commitment.

but it still doesn't put prick04 in a good light as my suitor.

and it get better... i heard that he told her that he has feelings for her. that took the cake. this coming from a guy who professes that he's in love with me. and he pulled that stunt. how much more faith can i have in other guys who profess their feelings?



At 7:02 PM, Blogger Vixen said...

WTF?? Yeah, he totally deserves that nickname! Prick04 indeed. Kissing your friend? That's just slimy.

Is she like your really good friend? I'd have beef with her too. Although at the end of the day, men come and go but girlfriends are forever. (or so they say)


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