Thursday, June 29, 2006

swing swing from the tangles of

my party girl just got back from a 3-week trip to europe recently. and since i will be leaving for 3 weeks in europe on friday (yes i know what timing we have!), we decided to meet last nite to catch up. another friend of ours joined us. her fiance is the ex bar manager of the pub that my party girl and i frequent. in fact it was my party girl who introduced 'em.

i like this girl. she's chatty and friendly and we get along. but yesterday's dinner conversation took a surprising turn and my party girl and i found out something interesting bout her.

she's an ex swinger.

i mean i knew those kinds of events existed but i never knew anyone who swinged or used to swing. at least no one who ever admitted it. and she never striked me as a potential swinging type.

basically a few years ago she used to sorta be with this american-fiji guy. and he's a swinger who was very upfront bout his activities. he then started inviting her to the parties that he organised fortnightly. subsequently she went for a few of those parties. it's always held in different hotels. and they make sure that there's more guys than girls. there's a crude explanation for that but i don't think i'll get into that... attire of choice is the birthday suit. apparently after everything, people can still remember which corner they checked in their clothes. you have the right to refuse advances if you don't like the person though apparently that can sometimes be hard especially if a built guy you don't like is trying to jump you.

it was all very interesting.

later my party girl realised that she knew this american-fiji guy. he had contacted her online and they've been chatting but never met though they were supposed to meet up soon. i think now she's having second thoughts bout meeting him. swinging isn't her thing.


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