Monday, June 26, 2006

the weekend

oh what a busy weekend. my feet are killing me.

on friday i met up with the yummy mommy for some chill out drinks and then full on party dancing. we ended the nite pretty early 'coz we both had to be up early the next day.

saturday was a full day. the german intern who i met during ladies nite asked me out. he asked me out shopping. yes. shopping. what a role reversal haha! so we went shopping for his trekking clothes and came up empty. he's pretty nice though. not my type but has the potential to be a sorta friend. we'll see.

later at nite i met up with my best friend for dinner and then partying. for all that i tell here in this blog, i'm surprisingly not very into disclosure in real life. but i did wind up telling her bout the whole 'new' prick04 drama. i was going to tell her eventually anyway... i'm glad i got that out of the way so i could fully party with her without having that latent feeling that i'm holding out on some sharing with her. the german intern wanted to join us in the club but by the time he arrived it was bout closing time. as chance would have it, i ran into him at the taxi stand while he was trying to send me a text message. since we stay near each other, we shared a taxi home instead.

it was a busy weekend but i guess i needed that since i'm leaving for europe on friday and will be away for almost 3 weeks. i'm excited though. i'm just trying not to think bout the amount of work i'll have when i get back...