Monday, July 31, 2006

what's my phone number again?

sometime late last week i was just exchanging numbers with the new guy in my office. strictly work related matters. i had to stop and think for a bit before remembering what was my phone number. i joked that it's been a long time since i last gave out my number.

that changed over the weekend. i gave out my number 3 times. one of 'em was to this australian woman. she's a lesbian. in fact there were a few other lesbians and bisexual women in that group. this woman was pretty open in telling me that her partner was a woman. i didn't even bat an eyelid. i'm cool with it. i like her 'coz she's friendly and fun.

the other 2 times were to guys from the same group. one from new york who i think was the one responsible for making sure we had a lot of drinks the entire time. and another one from ohio who for the life of me i can't remember his name. he was nice to walk me out to the taxi stand though i insisted that i'd be fine. i mean how did he think i had been getting home all this time?

the group was good fun. and i needed to have that kind of fun since i got annoyed by some guys earlier when we were in a previous club that night. one of the guys was dancing with me and was just too touchy feely and even tried to kiss me on the neck. all of this even before i knew his name! and he didn't even bother to actually talk to me at all. my other friend was also annoyed by one of the guys. my party girl was the only one who got a guy who was actually nice and he was the cutest too. we hung around with 'em 'coz she was getting really along well with him. but thankfully in the end we got rid of 'em when we went to another club.

i guess all in all it was a pretty fun time. afterall it's been a while since i had that kind of fun.

and yes apparently i do remember my phone number afterall haha!



At 5:23 PM, Blogger Vixen said...

i don't really have anything witty to say. just wanted to say hello.

At 3:28 AM, Blogger Beth said...

haha. i actually forgot my phone number over the weekend as well. (of course I had been drinking) i remembered most of it, i just couldn't remember the last four digits for the life of me. it happens to the best of us!

At 3:28 AM, Blogger Beth said...

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