Thursday, July 20, 2006

i left my heart in london

i'm back from my 2.5 week trip to europe.

it was lovely and i had a great time. i went to france, switzerland and london. it was expensive but the trip was worth it.

now i'm back to work and i don't really wanna be back. then again who really wants to be back at work? i still wished i was holidaying. specifically i wished that i was still in london.

i had a fabulous time in london. i met up with an online friend who i've been emailing for years but never had a chance to meet. and i also spent time with a guy friend that i met back home though he's british born.

by spending time i mean that we were together the entire saturday and sunday (from 10am - 12.30am), dinner on monday and all of tuesday (from 10am - 6pm) till i flew back home. i met his friends and we even did the meet the parentals thing. it was all kinda weird. but i like his family.

and now i find myself sorta fancying him a lil. which is so strange since before this trip we weren't that close and i was wondering what on earth would we talk bout and was even thinking of spending just a lil time with him. but then he told me that he saved the entire weekend for me which i thought was sweet. and then i enjoyed myself so much with his company that i wanted to spend the entire weekend with him. and then he asked me to squeeze in some time for him on monday even though i already had full day plans, so i did. and then his parents invited me over to their house on tuesday. it was his father's birthday so we all went for lunch together. and i had a great time getting to know his parents.

so here's the thing... he might have a thing with another mutual friend of ours. okay so she's more his friend than mine 'coz i don't really like her. i always found her sorta fake. and then she cheated on her ex boyfriend who was a friend of mine. but that's a whole other story. but back in feb when he was here visiting, it seemed like they started a sorta thing. i'm not sure if it was official 'coz of the long distance and all. and i didn't ask what's the deal with 'em now either.

when i reached home i texted him to thank him for everything and to let him know that i was back. he didn't reply but he came online later and we chatted. it was nice. pretty much like the usual conversations we might have only perhaps slightly better. i don't know. but of 'coz for all i said i didn't tell him what i was thinking in my head over and over again which is that i miss him.

well i'm sure i'll get over it. it's probably just 'coz i spent to much time with him. with more time i'll get my heart back from london.



At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow gold opportunity!

At 11:55 PM, Blogger emily x said...

well at least you didn't leave your heart somewhere boring- like switzerland

At 3:58 AM, Blogger NotCarrie said...

Wow...sounds like quite a trip.

At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww, i went 2 london and LOVED it! i mad that i didnt meet up w/anyone there it would have been a whole lot better if i did, i was w/my mother the whole time so u can guess how that went after 10 days non stop together...haha

At 11:09 PM, Blogger Brad said...

My first trip to London was a bus trip up to the city from my study abroad university in Brighton to see Spamalot the musical. It was awesome driving around London in a two decker, walking around Piccadilly Circus, and then getting to go to the Shaftesbury Theater for some Monty Pythonness with actual Brits playing the leads. I got some really good hard cider for refreshment, something you could never do in America and had a really good time.
Everything in London seems to be clustered: All the antique bookshops are on the same street. All companies that make CG effects for movies are within few blocks of each other.The streets of rich people on Limousine London vehicles. The big web companies (except for Google, who have moved into a 'palace' near Victoria station) and web ad agencies are also within a small radius of each other.


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