Monday, July 24, 2006

you think that they want you to call at 4am

life has pretty much gone back to normal. i spent the weekend hanging out with my party girl and the yummy mommy. it was fun to see 'em and party with 'em again.

i was in a good mood, drinking my usual poison and adding some champagne to the mix as well. i remember what a friend once said... "too much alcohol makes you think that all your ex lovers want you to call 'em at 4am". well i wasn't drunk 'coz i never am. and i never drunk call 'coz i wouldn't be able to hear a thing in a noisy club. but i'm not new to the tipsy text. thankfully i've never texted anything incriminating. but it's been ages since i last did the tipsy text.

i almost spoiled that record. i nearly texted my london guy friend. but of 'coz texting him at an unearthly 4am my time would be a rather earthly london time. thank goodness i managed to control it. i have amazing self control.

can you imagine how weird it might be for us if i didn't exercise that self control.

instead i did the rational thing... have a normal online conversation with him... of 'coz by then the alcohol had long worn off...



At 7:17 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

wish I had NOT drunk texted my ex last week. I was in my bed with my latest love interest after a whole hell of a lotta wine and couldn't sleep with this new person in the bed so I stupidly text messaged my ex "I am in bed next to a great guy and all I can think about is you"

Not one of my better moments.


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