Wednesday, August 30, 2006

chug that beer

there are definitely certain benefits being in the job that i'm in. a very relaxed dress code, the occasional free meals and free samples as well as some interesting events.

previously it was a tobacco launch. yesterday night it was a beer tour. it's almost like we're going full on into the vice thing haha!

the beer event was great. all of the operations staff who are normally out of office were there, including out of office eye candy who was in an eye-catching red shirt. who could miss him?

we are sat around with our beers, just chilling for a bit. then there was the actual tour itself which was interesting. before we settled in for dinner, karaoke, pool playing and of 'coz more beer. in fact we even had a beer drinking competition. my 'reputation' as the girl who can drink landed me as one of the contestants. i hardly drink beer at all. now if it were vodka, it would be a piece of cake. but beer is sorta gassy and is harder to go down. anyhow i had to down a mug as fast as possible. it was crazy but fun.

as usual when i meet up with out of office eye candy we are just great together. we chatted here and there though it's not like we were perpetually glued to each other's sides. we still found time to chat with a few other people as well. but i almost feel like there's just some sort of an awareness of where the other is.

and there was more of that gutter brain talk that we do...

*out of office eye candy trying to explain the finer points of playing pool*
jo: so where's your ball?
out of office eye candy: well my ball is... *gives me a cheeky look*

*another colleague was talking bout punching a pillow to vent your anger*
jo: no when you're venting, you need it to be hard not soft
out of office eye candy: yeah women like it hard

i definitely like this guy. we can always talk and joke around. we also have a fair bit in common. we have the potential to be great together. but i can't afford to even let myself think that way too much... he still has a girlfriend...



At 10:15 PM, Blogger Downtown said...

Why is it that all the good ones have girlfriends?

And why is it that the ones with girlfriends are usually the biggest flirts?

At 11:08 PM, Blogger Irish Red said...

Ya, better keep that thinking in check, doll - lest you become 'the other woman'. if he cheats on her, chances are he will on you too.

Gotta love the 'cheeky looks' though :)



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