Wednesday, August 02, 2006

gimme some candy

i've got a new office eye candy. and it's none other than the new intern from texas. i think there must be something bout me and younger guys and interns haha!

so he's not really new in the office. it's just that between me being away in europe and him only being in the office for a few weeks, he feels new to me. in fact we've never even been properly introduced though i only recently found out his name through other colleagues. but i have nicknamed him texas tall.

the story is that i find texas tall cute. and i keep looking at him and he keeps looking at me. i'm not even sure if he looks 'coz i look or i look 'coz he looks. it's like some vicious cycle. but we definitely check each other out. okay so the only thing i'm definite bout is that i check him out. haha!

but despite all that looking (including one rather intense eye contact), neither one of us actually does anything. until yesterday... where we had a 'conversation' bout the newspapers. he asked if he could borrow the newspapers. i said yes. he stood up to read 'em and i asked him if he wanted to sit down. he sat down. then he had to leave for lunch. after lunch he came by to ask me where were the newspapers. i showed him the newspapers. dang i have never loved the newspapers more than that day.

yes, it wasn't exactly a great bonding session but i suppose it was a start. and a start i had hoped would progress further today...

well today it started off the same old... looking but nothing. but then something happened. i was coming out of a meeting and putting away some stuff when we had another direct eye contact. he smiled. whoa! no kidding, the dude smiles :) well it was more of a slight smirk with an eyebrow raise kinda thing but dang it was cute! i gave him one of my smirks as well.

when he left the office, i could feel that he looked my way. but i didn't turn. what i did instead was to leave shortly after so that i could run into him at the bus stop. how sneaky of me haha! but before i could run into him, i ran into another guy colleague who i can talk easily with and we wind up talking. as i was walking to the bus stop, i was acutely aware that texas tall and i had a real intense eye contact going on. i felt a lil uncomfy and unnerved at the bus stop. i think he makes me nervous 'coz he's cute and i'm feeling all shy. and when i get that way, i become almost unfriendly. so we were all standing at the bus stop not really saying anything when suddenly texas tall turns to us and say "so who here is an only child?" i raise my hand up. turns out he's an only child too. what a strange question to ask as an ice breaker. i try to keep up a bit of conversation with that but i see it's not really going anyway so we all go back to being quiet. then texas tall sees another guy who he knows and they wind up talking.

sometimes i can't believe myself. i just get sooo nervous. he's cute and i would love to get to know him better but when i get a glimmer of a chance, there i go clamming up. sometimes i wanna kick myself.

i need to find my guts... and by this week, seeing as how he will be going back home by mid next week... help!



At 9:24 AM, Blogger NotCarrie said...

You can do it!!!

And I hope I get some new work boys soon.

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Beth said...

I'm an only child, too! You're not alone with not being able to make conversation sometimes. I was just talking to a good friend of mine about this today. What is with us?! I think cute boys have that effect on a lot of women, and vice versa. (My mom always calls it the pretty girl syndrome...when boys can't approach attractive women) Anyway...can you wander over and make conversation? Ask him what he's doing for lunch? Have a little work rendezvous this weekend? Good luck dear, we're rooting for you!


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