Friday, September 15, 2006

checking out the potential setup

curiosity got the better of me...

i checked out the guy that marvy the martian wanted to introduce to me.

dang, i can't believe it... i actually find him kinda cute...

then again pictures don't always reflect real life. but at least it's something...

he's a caucasian / asian guy with a nice height though perhaps a lil too lanky for my usual 'type'. but i thought that he looked cheeky and shy in that pic where he stuck out his tongue. apparently he is kinda shy. and yes, usually i like the shy guys. not really a good thing since shy guys can be so passive.

he might have a sense of humour as well 'coz i had to laugh when i saw that he had swapped his face with orlando bloom as legolas. he kinda does look like orlando bloom. i've never really found orlando bloom cute. though i think long blonde hair and pointy ears suit him. he's destined to be an elf.

of 'coz i couldn't wait till the next time i saw marvy the martian online...

jo: so hey i checked out your friend haha!
marvy the martian: and?
jo: not bad...
jo: looks really shy haha!

marvy the martian: hehehe
marvy the martian: you want his IM?
marvy the martian: he's online now!
marvy the martian: yay!
jo: hahaha! no no...
jo: i just wanted to tell you that's all haha!
marvy the martian: i'll give you his IM
jo: i'm not going to be adding him... that's just weird
marvy the martian: well i could ask him to add you!
marvy the martian: hee

jo: dude does he even know bout me?
jo: it's probably gonna make a shy guy like him really nervous haha!

i appreciate marvy the martian trying his best to set me up. but no way am i gonna be the one to make the first move. if he were back home and wanted to organise a lil casual group hang which just so happens to include me and the other guy... that i'm cool with.



At 11:56 AM, Blogger Vixen said...

Hey Jo...always wanted to ask---are you from Australia?


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