Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the guy friends over yonder

in the past few years i've realised that most of my close friends are overseas. some of 'em moved overseas, some are going to move overseas, others were overseas all along.

so my london guy friend is here. but so far all we've done is chat on IM twice. it's almost like he's still back in london. not much of a difference. and it wouldn't be for this entire week 'coz he's busy with his bro, his family, his friends, his whoever-knows-what. he got a temporary phone line... which he gave me over IM of 'coz... what were you thinking? he'd call? maybe... he did the last time he was here in feb... but not this time.

do i sound bitter? actually i'm not really. a lil disappointed perhaps. but of 'coz being me, i rationalise that he really is busy. and i understand that. i think i just psyched myself up too much for the hype of him being here. when really after i've calmed down, while it's cool, it's not that big of a deal. especially if he's not as excited as i am. the 'good thing' is that all this is quickly reminding me once again how i should curb my feelings and leave 'em at the door. i really shouldn't get emotionally involved in any way unless i'm sure it's being reciprocated. or else i'm just simply setting myself up for disappointment. sabotaging myself with my expectations. oh yes, there are rules to live by...

it's ironic that my mom keeps telling me to make time for him out of my usually busy social life and personal me time 'coz he was so nice and hospitable when we were in london, and yet he's the one who's too busy to meet up. he'll find me when he can make it... for now i'm gonna go bout my own usually busy social life and personal me time. i'm hoping that eventually (meaning next week) we will get to meet up. and hopefully we will meet up more than just once.


bright and early this morning, the minute i logged into my work computer, marvy the martian my guy friend based in china IMed me.

marvy the martian: good morning mojo
jo: morning marvy
marvy the martian: i tried to introduce a guy for you yesterday
marvy the martian: hehe
jo: what? haha!
marvy the martian: yeah then i realised he's younger than you
marvy the maritan: well you're okay with younger guys right? haha!

jo: i don't have a problem with younger guys... but who on earth is he?
marvy the martian: a friend of mine
marvy the martian: we were classmates in french class before
jo: but what's he like anyway? why are you trying to set me up with him?
marvy the martian: well i think he's a nice guy
marvy the martian: single and eligible
marvy the martian: so i thought it'll be cool if you and him could get together

okay well i'm not opposed to setups per se but i kinda like to think there's more of a thought process going on when a friend tries to set me up with a guy. it's gotta be more than just a you're single, he's single, so therefore i think you guys should meet kinda thing.

marvy the martian: maybe you can call him
marvy the martian: ask him for dinner and a movie
marvy the martian: girls can do that these days
jo: hahaha! you should know me better... i don't do that

and indeed i don't. it's not my thing. at least not for the first 'date'. but marvy the martian did give me a way to see a pic of this guy in question and i'm curious so i will be going home to check him out... if i remember...

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At 5:20 AM, Blogger Texas Cinderella said...

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At 5:20 AM, Blogger Texas Cinderella said...

I so hear you on psyching yourself up for failure. I'm in that boat right now and I try to keep reminding myself that if something is meant to be, it will be. You can't force anything, otherwise you will never know if the feeling is indeed reciprocated...


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