Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the case of the returned text

it took him almost a week. but finally someone returned my text.

"hey i think i forgot to tell you, but tomorrow, we have a training at *insert location* from 5.30pm-8.30pm. sorry forgot to tell you earlier."

it isn't exactly the declaration of love i had hoped but i admit that it pleased me that even though it took almost a week, at least he remembered that he didn't reply to me.

i didn't reply immediately. 'coz i was busy cross-stitching at home on a friday night (yes, i have a very exciting life) but mostly 'coz i was just being juvenile and playing the game. so sue me.

but 'coz i'm nice like that, i did reply to him the next day.

i didn't get a reply. i think it might have been one of those texts which imply that you don't really need a response. though a reply would have been nice. but oh well... it's someone. i really shouldn't expect anything.

the meeting was fun.

he was late per usual. so by the time he arrived we had all gathered together in a circle waiting to play a game. i saw him come in and gave him a wave and smile. what i didn't know was that later he snuck up and stood somewhat closely behind me. that gave me quite the shock when i happened to turn around. but of 'coz i was definitely more than happy to make space for him next to me.

then we had to be split into 4 groups. and by sheer random chance ('coz we each counted off numbers and it so happened that at that time he was busy taking photos and not seated next to me) we wound up in the same group. more games were played. and they were all fun. he was being his usual crazy jovial self. he even made a joke bout throwing me in the air and trying to keep me up instead of a balloon as the original game rule was. i seldom get to see this teasing side of him and i wished i did.

later came the training itself. he was busy taking photos but by then i had made some friends so was happily doing my thing.

at the end of the meeting, he had a meeting with some of the other leaders of the groups. but he did take time out of that meeting to yell across the room.

"jo! i'll catch up with you again"

with a wave and a smile i said bye and went off with the new girl friends i had just made.

though in the back of my mind i was far less cool than i probably seemed. i can't help wondering if we will indeed get to catch up properly again. and i mean away from the meetings (and there are a few more lined up) but in a more social just-us setting.

but sometimes when a guy says he will catch up with you again, it really just means he had no idea what else to say.



At 4:52 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Seemed like you had a nice evening Jo – wicked!

I do hope that Someone will see what an amazing girl you are and take the time to know you a lil’ better. We know that he likes you, but the question is, how - like a friend, mate, a potential, a fling, someone special?

ryc: Actually, the guy looks like a plastic Ken-doll in the pic, but he has the most amazing eyes I ever have laid my own eyes upon! Yupp I like mortal combat too – had it as the ringing signal on my cellphone ;) Talking abt which, I used to train karate and actually have a green belt… but that was quite a while ago.


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