Saturday, December 02, 2006

pounces like a wolf

it was a slow day at work which was suddenly interrupted by an IM...

oldest school friend: i was on *insert name of internet social network service* just now and guess what? *insert prick04's real name* has found a gf??
jo: hahahah!
jo: who is the poor unlucky girl?
oldest school friend: there's a photo. the 2 look quite cosy in the photo
oldest school friend: like jo, you're waaaay hotter!

jo: aww thanks

and 'coz i was really curious as to what she looked like, i went to take a look myself...

jo: does that place look familiar? hahahaha!
oldest school friend: yes!
oldest school friend: so obvious...
oldest school friend: that same
jo: i know!!! that's my first thought
oldest school friend: doesn't he bring his girls anywhere else?
jo: apparently he doesn't know where else to bring his girls
jo: but i suppose at least he's gotten out of the dating ex-classmates pool hahaha!
jo: i think she looks like the naive sort... the kind who will be conned by a person like him
oldest school friend: i'm surprised. thought he would go for someone better looking
oldest school friend: and not to mention... she looks too innocent!
oldest school friend: i mean, i'm sure he would have pounced on her as well
jo: she's sweet. i think he would go for that
jo: after realising that the spunky girls will totally see through him

and this is certainly one spunky girl who has seen through him.

oldest school friend: but i think... the way he pounces... if she's the innocent type, she will be scared away?
jo: trust me he doesn't always just pounce
jo: okay lately it seems like he just pounces
oldest school friend: hahahaha!
jo: but previously it's a lil more build up
jo: so he can play the nice guy card for quite a while
jo: and you can be conned into thinking he is a nice guy
jo: but his true colours will always show
oldest school friend: what rubbish behavior. how terrible
jo: yeah well that's him
jo: and i can say that after a number of years of 'knowing' him

i was definitely one who was conned for years by him playing his nice guy card. i remember the certain amount of anguish i felt when i tried to reconcile what i saw as him being a nice guy and what i felt somehow that something wasn't right. he's truly a wolf in sheep's clothing. and i've never felt happier than the moment i finally ripped off the fake sheep wool and saw through him for the wolf he really is.

now he's someone else's problem.



At 5:49 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

What is it with guyz and preying on girls, luring them into false safety and comfort, then just ripping their pounding heart away from their while it is still beating (ala Mortal Combat)?

And with girls, who think that the “bad guyz” are just misunderstood and they could change him – all he need is someone who understands him & loves him...

I’m so happy you got away… even with a broken heart.


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