Tuesday, December 12, 2006

last one on the shelf?

since that time pool boy picked me up at the pool, he's been texting me to ask me out a couple of times and so far i've been unable to make it for any of 'em. i'm not exactly interested in him but we do seem to be able to get along and find topics to talk bout. plus he's pretty eloquent and cracks me up.

it was kinda a surprise for me to receive his text this morning...

pool boy: hey any chance you may be interested in a group date of sorts?
jo: sure what do you have in mind?
pool boy: we get some guys and gals together for dinner. i will find the eligible bachelors of course :)
jo: haha! of 'coz. it's like your own speed dating. you have that many single friends?
pool boy: yeah. IT is a sad sad world dominated by men and robots. i can prob find 2, 3 guys after rounds of elimination. ha ha
jo: hahaha! what's your elimination criteria?
pool boy: those with more than 2 gf are obviously out :) then the panel of judges will criticise the rest. those who don't run off crying win.
jo: more than 2 previous gfs is a deal breaker? or you mean 2 current gfs haha! yes need strong men who can stand the gruelling test of judging.
pool boy: 2 current gf, or it will be slim picking. ha, but i kid, the guys are currently single or involved in secret affairs i know nothing about
jo: hahaha! of which if any of us girls find out any secret affairs later you will plead innocence and be off the hook. smart. very well thought out.
pool boy: yeah, i should have been a lawyer. so how about it?
jo: yeah i'm in. i mean only 2 current gfs. possible secret affairs? what's not to love? haha!
pool boy: cool! try to get gals with no more than 2 bfs as well :) would you like the honor of choosing time and venue as well?
jo: unfortunately all my friends have bfs... or at least just one that they are committed to. wow! i never realised that i officially don't have ANY single friends!

that realisation shocked me a lil. you mean to say i don't have ANY single friends. besides my best friend but since she's overseas, she doesn't really count. i thought hard and i thought long. and i still couldn't come up with a single friend that wasn't married or attached.

isn't that scary?

oh wait... i do have some single friends... but we're not close so they don't count either.

ack! is this what being left on the shelf feels like? get me off this shelf! haha!



At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Hart said...

He sounds cute... but then again, what do I know - I usually fall for guys that look cute rather then sound it.

And God knows what I wouldn't give for a guy with a sense of humor!
In Sweden, its like the gene has frozen and fallen off... *sigh*

Heart of Darkness
(I would have logged in if your site had allowed me to!)


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