Monday, December 11, 2006

candy girl

friday was our company's annual dinner & dance. it was a pretty fun time. as usual i was more bout going to different tables, chatting with different people than being in any part of a clique. it's like school days all over again. and that's not necessarily a good thing... not being a real part of any group.

one of my frequent table stops was at out of office eye candy's table. i chatted to some other people in that table. i chatted with him. he brought his girlfriend to the event. this is the second time i've seen her. the first time was over a year ago when he brought her to our then boss man's farewell party. i remembered thinking then that she didn't seem like out of office eye candy's type. and when i saw her this time, i was still on that thought. she's sweet looking with long hair and fair skin, though perhaps a bit plain and looks a tad bigger than him. she was also rather quiet in comparison with his bubbly nature. perhaps opposites really do attract.

they weren't into excessive pda but it was still just a bit weird to see 'em holding hands and arms and being sweet. no i wasn't jealous. it was more like i was going all 'awww' inside. i'm thinking that perhaps he's gonna marry her eventually. afterall he's mentioned before that even though he's not ready to get married just yet, he's definitely thinking bout it.

so what am i thinking bout?

well it isn't bout out of office eye candy. we still joke around and get along great but that's just all there is to it. we're just sorta friends. maybe i'm still thinking bout someone. even after this weekend where he didn't turn up for the christmas event meeting and didn't even tell me despite being the one who 'brought' me to the event. thank goodness i'm perfectly adapt at making friends and had fun with the new girl friends i had made.

but what i'm thinking bout more are my new challenges in life that i have undertaken and seem to have undertaken that will occupy me for at least the next year and hopefully beyond.

and strangely i'm thinking bout someone's brother. not in that whole i'm interested in him kinda way though he is cute and amazingly buffed unlike someone. but he's a triathlete who is joining the ironman and i would love to talk more to someone like that.

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At 3:56 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Christmas dinner (our company don't do parties) on the 22nd. No eye-candy for me, though - most of the people here are in their late 40's and up... *sigh*

RYC: Yep, I'm a novelist. If you vote (follow the link), you'll get a free sample! :)
And I'll be back in 2007 - cross my heart!

At 9:18 AM, Blogger NotCarrie said...

Please tell me you'll participate in our auction!


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