Tuesday, March 27, 2007

what i go to school for

so perhaps i've never really talked bout this but this year i started a post grad course. and recently i've been finding one of my classmates cute.

i didn't really used to think bout it before. by chance one day 4 of us were sitting in the same row in school. so when we needed to form a project group, it seemed to make sense that we all joined forces. he and this guy he made friends with. and me and this girl i made friends with.

but you know how sometimes these things creep up on you... somehow i started to find him increasingly attractive. we hardly talked though. and then a couple of times he sat next to me and we had a chance to chat a lil. he seemed nice. he's 32 which is a shocker since he looks like 29. but i don't even know if he's single and that's just the weirdest question to straight up ask.

so today i made a move on my cutie classmate... well as much of a move as you can get while trying to find out if he's free to meet up... as a group for the project.

jo: anyone interested to meet up outside of school on tueday, sit down with a lappy and really discuss and write out the essay?
cutie classmate: you mean today?
jo: oh oops... i meant next week. i'm not so unfriendly... will give more notice haha!
cutie classmate: yeah thought you were so last minute haha. next tuesday should be fine :)
jo: cool! then just book it for us... meet at *insert time and location* though i'm sure we are prepared for you to start packing at 9.30pm and running off haha!
cutie classmate: i can't be so predictable right haha. see you

nothing much. just some casual banter 'coz he always seems to be packing up his things before the end of the lesson and rushing off. but maybe it's a start?



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