Monday, April 23, 2007

my party girl's birthday

birthdays are always big party events especially when it's the birthday of one of the party people.

saturday was the birthday celebrations of my party girl. to be honest i was entirely tired out from friday night's party adventures but it's my party girl, she's my good friend, and i can't say no.

and so i made my way to the cozy lil hold-in-the-wall bar that we usually frequent.

as i was on my way, the aussie podiatrist texted me asking if i was out as he was out having a few drinks. he was near where i was gonna be and so i invited him along. afterall it was that very bar where we first met. he came along with another friend of his. it was nice seeing him again. he didn't stay long though 'coz they had already made plans to meet up with a bunch of other guys in another club. but i appreciated that he came by.

it was a pretty crazy night. there were vodkas and all kinds of shots. there was no dancing but my party girl, the yummy mommy and i did manage to have some rather tipsy emotional conversations. the rest of the time i spent talking to a couple of guys, getting a massage from a guy i'm acquainted with and flirting with the bartender aka dj guy. it's wrong of me 'coz he has a girlfriend though in some rare moment of honesty he admits that he doesn't meet her much and i infer that things don't seem to be going too well. but i can't help but feel this chemistry whenever i see him. i love hugging him and the way he holds my waist. and i don't think it's purely one-sided either. usually we flirt a lil mildly but this time i was tipsy enough to boldly tell him that i wished we had a chance to go out. i'm not sure what was his response. anyhow i don't think anything will happen.

that said the night went pretty well. though i wished that the aussie podiatrist stayed. we exchanged one or two texts through the course of the night. but it was his last one at 5.15am that got me thinking...

the aussie podiatrist: hey sorry didn't hear my phone. just got home. come round if ur not going to sleep or won't get in trouble (haha)? just joking. but feel free to come round. :)
jo: you should have told me earlier... before i got home haha!

but of 'coz he was kinda drunk...


a few days ago i asked the youngest one out for dinner on saturday. no fancy or cheeky wording. just straight up casual. bare bones. he didn't decline immediately but since his bike was in the shop, he said he'd get back to me again. well of 'coz come saturday i had to be the one to ask since i didn't hear from him one way or another. turns out his bike is still in the shop and in true the youngest one fashion, he's too lazy to go anywhere without his bike.

i know all of this but oh i still keep trying...

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At 12:01 AM, Blogger emma5 said...

Why are you still wasting time on the youngest one? He's an idiot. He's cancelled on you again and again, yet you're still asking him out. I'm an idiot when it comes to things like that as well, but I've decided to just stop it, because there's no point. Oh yeah, not many people remember Friday night, so it's okay.

At 5:49 AM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Hmm the youngest one is totally getting on my nerves. He should have atleast gotten back to you and infórmed you that he wont be able to makes it..

... but then again, if a guy really fancies you he wouldn't let a thing like having his bike in the shops stop him.

Maybe we should come clean jo and accpet the reality that he might just not be into you.

You deserve someone who could live without you jo, but wouldn't want to.

Good luck!


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