Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i'm almost strangely disappointed...

i just realised that i got de-friended and possibly IM-blocked by the guy from australia who i was flirting with via the online social utility. and the thing i find myself thinking bout is that that means i no longer have someone who strips on the webcam to my almost amusement. and that means less fodder for this blog. great, does that mean that i now actually have to find a real-life person to 'date' so that it doesn't get boring around here??

i guess it really shows how pathetic i am when i get all excited (and no not in that way haha!) bout a guy who strips on the webcam. but hey, it was interesting... how many times does a girl get that? okay don't answer that 'coz i just might get envious that more guys aren't stripping for me haha! (*note that this is not an open invitation to all the pervs in the world)

oh well i guess it was fun while it lasted...


in other (far less exciting) news, youthful-looking guy has been continuing to call me daily. and i have been continuing to ignore his calls. he's almost starting to annoy me. and yes, i realise i'm being a wuss here by just ignoring him. it's like i'm taking the 'guy' route... and i almost feel bad. afterall i myself have been on the receiving end of many a missed call and/or unanswered text. but hey my excuse is that i was tipsy... what's his excuse? unless he's tipsy at all times of the day.


i find myself once again in that almost restless feeling. the kind that got me to even start online 'dating' to begin with. i'm trying not to go down that route again just yet. but yet i find myself thinking that i really need to get in the swing of 'dating' again (this is even assuming i was ever in the swing of 'dating' ever) and i have no idea where to find potential candidates. seriously no idea. i think maybe they are just hiding... darn!

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At 3:11 AM, Blogger Ginormous Boobs said...

I have recently realized how simple it is to get boys to get nekkid for you. I decided to start a collection of penis shots and it grows by the day.

Here's how you do it: just ask them to send one. That's it. They do it every time. For some reason, every guy thinks his junk is hot shit and wants to share it with you.

My webcam fun has been limited to those I actually want to sleep with...I don't think I could hide my amusement from the ones I was just laughing at.

At 4:00 PM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

I can't say that I've ever had a dude strip for me via web cam. Maybe his mom/girlfriend/sister found out what he was doing & put a stop to it!

At 11:31 PM, Blogger jo said...

ginormous boobs: collection of penis shots?? seriously? haha! that's too funny. but honestly i don't think i could bring myself to even ask... one hornball is enough for me (i think? haha!) thankfully he's located far away from me or else i might be more worried...

ambiguous blob: haha! i doubt that his mom/gf/sister put a stop to it... though that thought kinda ruins it haha! and i don't think i'm all that special (darn!)... i reckon he would have stripped for any girl in a heartbeat.

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