Friday, February 15, 2008

a massacre party

it turned out to be a great valentine's day. one of the very best i've ever had.

my party girl, the yummy mommy and a few other girl friends went to the valentine's day massacre party at a club. it was really fun.

when we walked in, they gave us all a pair of handcuffs and said that in order to get the free beers, we had to be handcuffed to somebody. so they weren't exactly the fluffy handcuffs that i like but i was still massively excited by 'em haha! we wound up having a good time handcuffing ourselves to each other in some strange 5-way.

since we were early, there was also a free tarot card reading. not that i really believe this stuff but damn she was pretty spot on.

i could ask 2 questions... so i asked bout love and career.

she told me that for love, even though my numbers (based on my birthday, i'm a number 6) said that i was romantic and even sexual (or was it sensual? haha!), my tarot cards showed that i was pretty happy being single and that the environment around me made it difficult to find love. which is true 'coz i always say i have lack of opportunity. and she told me that if i have been in love before, that i should truly move on and put it behind me. i don't know if i have been in love before, but when she said that i thought bout someone. but she said that this year i would have an exciting relationship though i may not want to fully commit. she sees my true love coming in a few years time and she said that he wouldn't be local haha!

and bout career, well there's no real place for those details here...

in general she said that my numbers showed that this year will be a year of crossroads and a lot of decisions to be made.

besides the rather interesting tarot card reading, i also had a good time dancing and having fun.

there was this guy who kept hanging around me, even giving me a pink heart-shaped balloon. he asked for my number and called me later to see if i had reached home and also asked for my IM address. he seemed nice. rather youngful looking for someone a year older than i am. but at the same time he just seemed boring.

on the other hand there was this other guy... a total player. he must have hit on at least 6 girls that night alone. but he was also fun to just play around with. he tried to kiss me a couple of times. he only succeeded once on the lips when he caught me off guard. but seriously, he was just too hilarious to even take seriously at all.

but all in all it was a really good valentine's day night out.

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At 12:30 AM, Blogger Scotty said...

I have never heard of free beer for handcuffs..

At 4:23 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

That party sounds like a whole lotta fun!


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