Friday, February 08, 2008

controlled crazy

yesterday was crazy.

so i've been giving online dating another go... and on a whim i decided to meet up with this german guy that i emailed a couple of times to. for some strange reason i was a lil nervous. i'm not sure why would i be. afterall it's not my first time meeting someone online. and i also found myself having to stop myself from picking on some of the lil things that annoyed me bout him. afterall tone gets lost and it's hard convey what you really mean in texts.

i'm glad i met the german resident. we did get along well. and he was cuter than his pictures. 'coz of time constraint, we just had coffee and did some grocery shopping. i had a nice time. he brought up something bout perhaps meeting up again and since he travels a lot i told him to let me know when he's in town. turns out he will be leaving for 2.5 weeks next wednesday. i'm not sure how things will go... 'coz it looks like unless we meet up before he leaves (which seems to be difficult), 2.5 weeks later seems like a long time to still keep in contact. i know only too well how these 'dates' go. he's nice and i don't mind getting to know him better. but i guess we'll just have to see what happens, if anything at all.

but the real crazy came when i was out with my party girl and the yummy mommy...

our first stop was at the club that dj guy now works in. he was really busy and in a bad mood so we didn't get our usual hug and cheek kisses till much later. but i was having a good time chatting to the bartender. he seems like a natural flirt in that cheeky harmless kind of way. and then this german pilot came up to talk to me but i wasn't too interested. if i had to be interested in someone there (other than dj guy of 'coz), it would have been the half asian guy he was talking to. we looked at each other and smiled but nothing happened.

then we moved to a new bar opening that we got invites to. it didn't start out all that fun but then soon enough we were having fun. it was there that i met this 24 year old local indian guy. i had noticed him and thought he looked familiar. and when us girls staged a 'hostile takeover' of their couch when we thought they left, he told me that i looked familiar to the point that he knew my name. it was only much later when he took proper notice of the yummy mommy and my party girl that we realised we met previously through another friend of ours. he even remembered the yummy mommy and my party girl's names. that is some memory.

i enjoyed talking to the mind-reader. and i totally found him cute. he invited me for a bbq tonight and asked for my number. then our 2 groups of friends all headed off to another club where we lost each other. but it didn't really matter 'coz us 3 girls were having a whole lot of fun.

that's when the crazy happened. we were just dancing and drinking and having a crazy time. the yummy mommy started inviting random guys to join us while other guys looked on hoping to be invited as well. she found herself with a random guy who was also flirting with me a lil to the point that our noses were touching. and i found myself running away from his friend who kept dirty dancing behind me. i wonder if that was his belt... haha! later i found myself flirting a lil with an asian guy who was at the bar trying to get a drink. he came back and purposely bumped into me. he seemed like a player. we never actually spoke and i left. just turned and walked away.

the amazing thing is that despite all the crazy, i didn't kiss a single random guy. wow! i'm kinda almost proud of myself.

but i wasn't proud of what i did do... which was to tipsy text dj guy. i think my subconscious was a lil affected by his bad mood so i texted him asking where he was at and asking if he was okay 'coz he seemed like he was in a bad mood. he was home and...

dj guy: when am i not in a bad mood

that made me laugh. how true. and that also made me realise that it's precisely that reason (amongst others) that makes me like him. he's not sunshine. and i don't much like sunshine guys.

this afternoon i received some texts and calls from the mind-reader. i was pleasantly surprised and pleased. i had hoped that he would contact me but i also know how the whole club scene goes. he extended his bbq invitation once again and suggested that i could ask the yummy mommy and my party girl along as well. he even promised that he would bbq for me, keep me fed and provide the full service. hmm nice... and i did mention that i think he's totally cute and my type?

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At 1:36 AM, Blogger Miss Pickle said...

Ooooooooo!!! I love it...I'm getting butterflies for you! Can't wait to hear all the details from this BBQ! ;O)


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