Friday, April 11, 2008

IM is the new conversation

strangely i had this feeling that i should say something to the rich kid bout not being interested in the nice shirt guy. but i didn't really know how to approach that topic.

the next day we were IMing...

the rich kid: sorry i didn't speak to you much
the rich kid: cause i haven't seen some of my friends for a long while
jo: no worries i understand
jo: it's time for you to catch up with your friends :P
the rich kid: i thought *insert nice shirt guy's name* would entertain you as well
the rich kid: haha

and there was my opening...

jo: hahaha! speaking of which...
jo: what is the deal man? you guys pimping me out??
the rich kid: haha
the rich kid: no
jo: 'coz *insert name of the girl i met on saturday* was like making it seem like that haha!
jo: i suddenly felt caught in a matchmaking show haha!
the rich kid: no
the rich kid: she was just talking about how we met to *insert another friend's name* i think

we digressed for a moment and then...

the rich kid: anyways what do you think abt *insert the nice shirt guy's name*?
jo: he's nice
the rich kid: anything else?
jo: pimping me out right???
jo: what the hahaha!
the rich kid: no
the rich kid: just wondering
the rich kid: since u mentioned abt it just now

i figured it was now or never...

jo: i think he's nice but i'm not interested
the rich kid: oh
the rich kid: not ur kinda guy ya
jo: yeah i guess
the rich kid: yupz
the rich kid: thought so

and i'm not sure what that means.


in other news i'm being reminded why i love some suggestive IMing with the mind-reader.

the mind-reader: hey
jo: hey
the mind-reader: what you doing?
jo: just finished showering
jo: whatcha doing?
the mind-reader: why wasn't i invited?
jo: haha! you're too far away to be invited
the mind-reader: distance is a non issue
jo: i'll bear that in mind

and the lil innuendoes carried on from there. not as great as our previous suggestive IMing but hey i'll take any suggestive IMing whenever i can.

seriously half the time i think we just need to get tipsy together and just get it on... but the other half of the time i think that if we did, it just might make me more emotionally attached... and i usually like to try to avoid that...

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At 4:05 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

ack! emotionally attached scares me!!!

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Ecrivain said...

Ditto on the emotional attachment.

There's nothing worse than when you're in that endless spiral of overanalyzing things to death because you're too emotionally attached.


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