Friday, July 11, 2008

what does all this mean?

recently i had some pretty good IM conversation going on with the ad-man. though it did leave me a lil confused and pondering...

the ad-man: so glad to see you... ish
jo: haha! ish?
the ad-man: not really seeing you...
jo: now i really feel special... ish
jo: haha!
the ad-man: aww kinda

and then in a later conversation, he invited me to join his church group meeting. so last night i joined 'em. they were pretty nice and friendly people and i like to think that i got along relatively well with 'em. my mom asked if the ad-man ignored me in any way like the rich kid did. honestly i had forgotten all bout that time... 'coz that's how important the rich kid is to me now. but having mom remind me made me glad that i could say that the ad-man most certainly did not ignore me. in fact i think it was a good balance of him talking to me and us talking to other people.

our talking together was of 'coz limited as compared to when we're out together alone but there were times when i felt a lil nervous. i'm not sure if it's perhaps 'coz we didn't meet up with each other in bout a month. and that we didn't chat as much on IM as we used to either. or maybe it was 'coz it seemed like he was standing surprisingly close.

when we were on the escalator, i realised that he stood on the same step and as we talked on the escalator, it seemed like suddenly his face was pretty close to mine, his eyes looking a lil too deep into mine. i struggle to remember if there have been other such times but i can't remember. now i'm not complaining. of 'coz i'm not! but i admit that it makes me nervous precisely 'coz i like him and i can't tell what does all this mean.

today i chanced upon an article on the "6 suave dating behaviors to show you're interested". it was written by a guy, perhaps for guys (unless women are supposed to be suave) but i think it's generic enough to apply to women as well. the 6 ways stated were:

1. lean towards your date
2. smile or laugh a bit when your date says something funny
3. when your date says something intriguing, comment on it
4. challenge your date a little bit
5. keep your body language open at all times
6. bring your date "into your space"

now no offense to the person who wrote this, but i think it's kinda silly. silly as in it's pretty obvious that you should be doing all that right? heck shouldn't you be doing all that when you're talking with anyone? which brings me to my point that i don't think you can count on those 6 things to know that someone is interested in you. sure you can count on those 6 things to know that the person doesn't absolutely loathe your company and is waiting for the first chance to run in the opposite direction. but those 6 things just don't show if the person is interested interested or just interested in friendship.

i wish there was a surefire way of knowing when the guy is interested. well of 'coz there's always the obvious way of him just telling me. but better yet, i wish there was a surefire way of knowing when the guy is interested in only me.



At 10:00 PM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said... you have me all nosey! What did the group do? How did the night end?

And you're right...that book ("He's just not that...") didn't tell us anything new, but it is a good reminder! LOL

At 11:45 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Never been invited to a church meeting by a guy, but once, I got "locked in" a church with my at that time boyfriend... scared the bejeezes out of me! - the doors weren't locked, we could just not get out of there!!!!

At 2:42 PM, Blogger jo said...

saneandsingle: well the group did what normal church group meetings do... sing some songs, listen to the leader preach, pray and then chat with each other. the night ended with all of us going home after the meeting.

hart: haha! hope you're not too traumatised :P well given that i'm christian and hence used to church and all that stuff, it doesn't really bother me too much...

At 11:21 PM, Blogger A Dating Diary said...


Good tips! I find myself repeating them to myself all the time. Sometimes we forget to do these things!

Glad to be back!

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

as in it's pretty obvious that you should be doing all that right?
Ha! I was thinking the EXACT same thing as I read that!


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