Saturday, April 19, 2008

pity party

friday night started off as a really boring time at home. my party girl had to work late and couldn't decide if she wanted to head out. and the yummy mommy who was supposed to meet up with me, bailed out at the last minute. i was so bored and restless that i just bout considered heading down to cozy hole-in-the-wall bar alone.

then i was IMing briefly with the rich kid and he very generously extended me the offer of joining him and his friends to party, but with the disclaimer that he would not be able to entertain me much. i worried a lil that maybe he was just inviting me to be nice and 'coz he pitied my bored-at-home situation... but heck i was too bored and restless to care... and so i accepted it.

not entertaining me was probably putting it mildly. he introduced me to his friends and in turn his friends introduced me to their friends. and since i'm generally pretty social, it wasn't long before i was chatting happily with 'em... even more than i was with him. in fact i suddenly became BFF with this girl i met and we even exchanged contact numbers and promises to meet up and party together soon.

so i must say that the rich kid didn't impress me at all. he pretty much left me on my own. we started off at this bar before heading next door to a club. he and his friend disappeared for a while to get into the club while it was still early. so by the time it was time for all of us to head to the club, i was the only one who hadn't already "gotten into" the club. well at least the rich kid made arrangements for my new BFF (that was before she became my new BFF) to sign me into the club. but still, i thought it was uncool of him...

in the club, the rich kid was busy with his friends who seemed to pop up randomly everywhere. i mean that's okay with me. but i suppose it would have been nice if he did seem like he was keeping a lookout to see if i was okay. in fact a guy friend of my new BFF who i had been happily chatting with, seemed more concerned if i was okay. though me being me, i'm usually okay. however i did wander over to chat with the rich kid from time to time if i didn't see him particularly engaged in conversation with some friends. and yes, i admit that at some points i did flirt with him... though in a way that could have totally been taken as joking around. he was jokingly asking me if i found any cute guys and what was my type (he already knows my type since we had a previous non-alcoholic conversation bout that). and in turn i jokingly asked what was his. he likes 'em classy. whatever that means. according to some acquaintances/friends, i'm classy in the "you can't touch this" kinda way. yeah well... maybe not classy enough for the rich kid.

i soon grew tired and wanted to head home. unfortunately once i headed outside, i realised that it was pouring and it forced me to head back in to find the rich kid, explaining the rain situation. i stayed in the club for a lil while more chatting with my new BFF when the rich kid passed by and said that he was heading off. he drove but he didn't offer me a lift despite knowing bout the rain situation. yeah sure he doesn't exactly live near to me... but hey my new BFF offered to drive me home and she lives even further from me than he does. in the end i declined her offer 'coz i just didn't wanna inconvenience her and made my own arrangements home.

as i crawled into bed, i thought bout how sometimes girls are just better than guys.

but despite that, i dreamt bout the rich kid. it seemed like my fantasy extension of the night. where it ended with a good flirty conversation and a few kisses. 'coz apparently despite everything, i still kinda like him... darn! when would i learn to guard my feelings against the possibly unworthy?

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At 3:39 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

all this clubbing is making me tired.
or maybe it's that I was up late and it's lunch time now.
either way, I'm not too keen on this rich kid.

At 2:09 PM, Blogger jo said...

actually sometimes i'm tired out with the clubbing too haha!

but yeah i'm not too keen on this rich kid either... well i can't deny that i'm attracted to him but dude needs to step it up... (man i feel that i keep on saying that. same words. different men.)

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Ginormous Boobs said...

Rich kid seems kinda douchey.



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