Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'coz we all need a lil eye candy in the office

when i first stepped into my new office and i was being introduced to everyone, i immediately took notice of this cute aussie guy. sure i was also introduced to this other cute aussie guy as well but i was sufficiently distracted by the first one 'coz he was the only one who gave me his namecard.

soon after in a casual conversation with my boss, she let slip that the cute aussie guy of the namecard giving was in fact attached. but the other cute aussie guy wasn't. she also mentioned that both were at least a few years younger than i was.

since then i started paying a bit more attention to the other cute aussie guy. i remembered in one meeting where i was thinking to myself that yeah he's definitely cute (in fact maybe even cuter than the namecard giving one 'coz though he was younger, he looked more manly).

but we never talked much though. even though we were working on the same project. up until last week...

for whatever reason (maybe my boss who was then away on vacation asked him to) he asked me to join him in a few offsite meetings for one afternoon. in between those meetings, we had lunch, sat around, talked... it was nice getting to know him a lil better.

i learnt that cutie aussie colleague came from a place in australia which is close to my heart. in fact my best friend currently lives there now. and he's only here in town for this project and will be leaving in mid december.

after that day, it seemed like maybe we were a lil more friendly with each other. but 'coz i'm the newbie who is kinda isolated in one corner of the office while everyone else is more or less seated together, i'm not really close to any of 'em.

today i was on my way out for lunch. normally a few of us would head out for lunch together. and very occasionally him included. but today no one i normally ate lunch with was around. so i was going to go alone. as i passed by his desk and saw him seated alone in his section, i decided to ask him if he wanted to grab lunch.

it was nice having lunch with him even though we didn't really do or say much. honestly i was kinda nervous. even though i'm supposed to be all grown up, i still feel very much like a teenaged schoolgirl when i'm in the vicinity of a cute guy.

but that said, after a very long time of not having any eye candy in the office, it sure is nice to have some eye candy once again.


yep i consider it some kinda "progress" when he pops by to my lil isolated corner and asks me if i want some late morning brunch since he was heading downstairs to pack back some for himself. he knows i can eat... unfortunately i had just eaten...



At 12:33 AM, Blogger Jade said...

I love eye candy in the office! Although, I have never once acted upon my impulse to sneak off to a quiet corner and ravage them...hehe.

I find one of my bosses incredibly yummy. However, he showed up today in really tight jeans...ick...major turn off...ha ha.

At 1:09 AM, Blogger jo said...

yes! eye candy in the office is excellent. it gives you the motivation to go to work and to look extra cute haha!

i hope it's not your immediate boss that you're finding incredibly yummy... 'coz that might be strange... i wouldn't know how to think straight at work if that happened haha!


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