Wednesday, September 10, 2008

been up, been down

in the last few days the med student and i have been chatting on IM. it's actually been a joy to talk to him. he's been providing me with some much missed intellectual stimulation. he's jaded and perhaps even a bit of a player but at the same time his honesty is refreshing.

but of 'coz a hot intelligient doctor-to-be can't possibly be single... and i was sadly right. he's been going out with his girlfriend for 2.5 years... quite the record for a player type who thought relationships could only last months... nevermind that he's already feeling a lil stressed out at how long his current relationship has been going on. and a doctor-to-be has gotta date an equally intelligient girl right? yep his girlfriend is a lawyer.

so unfortunately this med student is out of bounds for me... but all the same i enjoy talking to him.


which i can't say the same for this guy from the other online dating site who has been IMing me. okay so it's not like i totally hate talking to him... it's just that he comes across a lil strange to me sometimes.

he's been continuing to rave bout how he thinks i'm hot and really funny and all that. and then outta the blue he asked me if i've ever kissed a guy.

er... okay... so yes he had asked previously how many relationships i've had in the past and i've told him that i normally don't do proper relationships. it's natural for most guys (and possibly girls as well) to be curious bout that. but it's funny when he asked if i have ever a kissed a guy. i guess most people kinda just assume that just 'coz i don't normally do proper relationships doesn't mean i haven't kissed a guy.

so then after we establish what is a kiss (peck on the lips vs french. where i normally only really consider it to be a kiss if it's french.), he starts telling me bout his first kiss and asks bout mine. frankly, i can't really remember. and why would i even tell him? much less when he asked how many guys i've kissed. are you kidding me??

and then he asked me out for dinner. but i told him that i've been pretty busy lately and that it was too soon for me. i guess i'm just not sure bout meeting him...


but i was sure that i wanted to meet the guy who i winked at on the online dating site some time ago and who sent me an email over a month ago and who i've been chatting via IM very briefly on/off with (and who i promise you will have a shorter nickname soon haha!)... i was in fact looking forward to meeting up with him. there were the usual slight "first date" jitters... i even wore a cute new dress.

however i must say that it did annoy me that by 4.45pm today, he still hadn't contacted me bout our supposed meeting up tonight. that's something i don't get. i mean i know you're busy and all that but really, is sending a text or IM to confirm simply just too time consuming?? seriously i can't be set up just to be knocked down.

in the end i couldn't help myself. i mean this girl has a life and needs to know the plan... even if the plan is to just head home. so i texted him to ask if we were still on for dinner. honestly i don't like doing that. he was supposed to let me know and he didn't. if there was a points system going on, he just lost some brownie points.

bout 45 mins later he replied with a "definitely" and said that he would let me know the venue soon. well okay... but i couldn't help feeling in part that the initial excitement wasn't really there anymore.

after i left my office, i received a call from him and he very nicely offered to come down to where i was and then we head off together to the restaurant location for dinner where he had made reservations. i was once again impressed with his proactive-ness and my mood improved.

i actually did have a pretty good time. dinner was lovely and he was great company as well. it's relatively easy to talk to him and we even shared a few good laughs. unfortunately we only spent 2 hours together before he had to head home to finish up some work. to be honest his job is a lil confusing for me but the main essence i got from him was that he was into the whole motivational speaking thing.

i must say it was a lil strange meeting up with the motivator (i did promise you a shorter nickname didn't i?). strange 'coz it's the first time i met up with someone since the whole confusing pseudo relationship with drummer boy.

as for my thoughts on the motivator... he wasn't as eloquent vocally as i had expected but on the whole still above average. i did find him attractive though if seemingly a lil on the shorter side of taller than me (or maybe i'm just used to standing next to drummer boy who is relatively tall). i was also curious bout his interests in salsa dancing and playing the trumpet. overall he seems like a guy with possible potential. the only thing is that i'm not big on the whole motivational speaking thing and i'm wondering if there's such a thing as too motivated?

i'm not sure how things might go... i guess it really depends on how soon he asks me out again (assuming that he does) given how busy he is since it's obvious that he's really busy. but that said i did have a pretty good time...

even though initially i did find my mind subconsciously drifting to drummer boy... and after as well...


yes, drummer boy somehow manages to still occupy my heart and mind.

i still don't know what's up with him and "us". i texted him briefly during lunch and then later after work but that was bout it.

i should probably play it cool for the next 2 days till saturday when we're supposed to meet. (dang how do i play it cool when we're supposed to decide where and what time to meet on saturday?) if i'm feeling really brave (and i need to feel really brave... for real!), i might try to hopefully get to talking to him proper.

sigh why is it all so tough?

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At 6:52 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

Wow...aren't you the busy little dater?? LOL So what's up with drummer boy? You are meeting him on Saturday?

At 10:16 AM, Blogger jo said...

saneandsingle: honey this ain't busy... busy is when i dated 4 new guys in one week haha!

yeah drummer boy and i are meeting up on saturday to go to this interactive science playground. previously (when things were better), we had discussed going there 'coz we both like it. and now i happened to have passes that gave us a discount so i asked him if he still wanted to go. i'm hoping it will be some fun for us and we'll be more relaxed than we've been in a long time...

At 5:27 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Seriously Hon, must be exhausting with all the uncertainty. I feel dor you.

So still no clarity regarding drummerbiy huh. Wazzup with that dude, seriously? Geez!

wow, that sure was a weird IM dude. and motivator , well just take a day at a time.

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get exhausted just reading about the uncertainty...I think I need to take some lessons from you on balancing! I have a hard time balancing 2 jobs, school & one pseudo relationship with SF...let alone multitudes! Good luck with drummer boy Saturday...

At 11:39 PM, Blogger jo said...

crashy: the uncertainty is exhausting... but maybe it's a sign? as for the motivator... yeah well i don't know... it's not like he was rushing to contact me. seriously why is this all so tough? why can't everything just fall into place like it seems to happen with some friends? am i destined to walk this earth alone? sigh...

nevergoingbackagain: girl, imagine how exhausted i must be at having to life through and then write bout the exhaustion haha! how do i have any balancing skills? you have 2 jobs and school... that's enough balancing to do. i tried work and school before and it's no fun...

At 3:19 AM, Anonymous lailani said...

I also wonder if there is such a thing as too motivated. Maybe. Hmm.


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