Thursday, November 06, 2008

but i'm trying... and i'm still dying to know

it's strange how open i am being with the "booty caller" with regards to my "dating" history. all this and we haven't even met each other face to face yet. but maybe it's precisely just that... the safety of being behind the IMs that makes it less scary to talk bout stuff.

anyhow i suspected he was almost wanting to engage me in a lil IM sex. i mean it certainly seemed like it was leading to that what with him declaring that he was feeling naughty and asking me what i was wearing. yes it's nearly 2am and i'm in my sleepwear...

but the strangest thing of all was that while all of that was going on, i was actually being reminded of drummer boy. (and no, attempted IM sex does not remind me of drummer boy, i'm just reminded of him quite a lot in general.)

initially i thought that if i cried, i would feel better and get over it. then again i cried once for drummer boy and that didn't help me get over him. this time i was listening to unwritten law's rest of my life.

cause i know
i'm so slow
but i'm trying
and i'm still dying to know
say you won't leave for the rest of my life

it's a band that drummer boy introduced to me. and somehow just accidentally coming across that track hit me. it hit me hard enough for the tears to start falling...

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At 11:52 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

the IMs that makes it less scary to talk bout stuff
VERY much so.

You'll be fine Jo, time will help..

At 8:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*hugs* jo :(

i know what you mean about hiding behind IM's...i do so with texts, even still with S.C.

At 10:04 AM, Blogger jo said...

scotty: yeah apparently i just need even more time than i initially thought...

tbrooke: oh i love texts and IMs. i wouldn't know how to get all my communication done otherwise haha!


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