Wednesday, December 31, 2008

is it even worth it?

*warning: this post is a few weeks late so it's all old news

so 2.5 weeks after i emailed doc and not hearing from him, i kinda just bout almost forgot bout him. to a point that my memory was only jolted when my ex classmate asked me bout him on saturday. and even then i had to think for a bit before i knew who she was referring to ('coz initially i thought she meant the med student but i'm sure i never told her bout him).

it's not like i meet heaps of new guys all the time or that i'm getting guys knocking down my door to ask me out... it's just that sometimes i tend to "forget" when i've made a "move". call it my defence mechanism if you will. i kinda just try and block it out so that when he responds, it's a surprise bonus.

which was exactly what it was when i received doc's email just before christmas (and yes i know i took a while to blog bout it).

hi jo,

i apologise for the late reply, coz was on a tight schedule.
hope to meet up soon and stay in contact.
wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year

sincere regards
*insert doc's name*

not exactly brimming with warmth and friendliness, but not exactly cold and curt either. and "hope to meet up soon and stay in contact"? what's that supposed to mean?? great, this just gives me more to overanalyze.

i replied. of 'coz. i mean i can't not reply. to be honest i'm not sure if anything will even come outta it. i mean maybe he has a wife and 5 kids or a girlfriend at least...


the "booty caller" never fails to amaze me. i mean like seriously. i wonder if he's for real. just before christmas he asked me again if i wanted to meet up... once again bringing up bout how we owed each other a kiss and attempting to sweet talk me by saying that my kiss would be the best christmas present. he also talked bout "watching" a movie and something bout having 2 hours to kiss.

geez. and all the while how could he not have noticed that my IM name stated that i was down with a cough and cold?? and when i mentioned the obvious (being my reason for not meeting up), he was kinda like okay without an ounce of concern (fake or otherwise). it's almost like he doesn't even really wanna talk and get to know me. he just wants someone to fill in the gaps of loneliness (horniness?).

i've never met someone who seems hell-bent on kissing me but sure has no idea how to woo me. it's almost amusing, really. if it weren't slightly pathetic that i sometimes actually let the thought of meeting him cross my mind. if nothing, it will help in my occasional boredom. but i'm wondering if i'm that bored enough to be interested.

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At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

after much thought & consideration, partially due to your sweet note...i'm back love! :) happy 2009!

At 4:45 PM, Blogger jo said...

caterpilla85: aww it's good to have you back!!


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