Monday, January 05, 2009


on thursday night, i received some texts...

mr. metrosexual: whatcha doing tomorrow evening?
mr. metrosexual: was wondering if u like to have dinner and perhaps catch a movie

i had made plans to meet up with my girl friends. and told him that.

later it turns out he had some big formal industry event thing that he wanted to invite me too. hmm... didn't he say it was dinner and a movie? he didn't say anything bout a ritzy event?

and ritzy it certainly was as i found out in a later IM conversation.

mr. metrosexual: i went alone, so it was quite odd when they announced my name stepping out of the limo and i was alone. ha ha
jo: awww
jo: dang i should have gone
mr. metrosexual: it felt like the oscars. seriously.
mr. metrosexual: red carpet, photographers and all.

dang i should have gone. seriously.

mr. metrosexual: i was dressed like a penguin
mr. metrosexual: our suits and dresses were supplied

now i really know that i should have gone.

mr. metrosexual: it was very... stiff-upper-lip, formal dinner kind of setting
mr. metrosexual: three rows of long banquet tables
mr. metrosexual: we all had hotel accomodations too

and he lives right here in this place. talk bout full pampering.

mr. metrosexual: my esteemed journalistic colleagues thought you might be there actually, cause i told them we went out
jo: they know bout me??
jo: exhibit A... jo
mr. metrosexual: i told them about you, yeah
jo: what did you say bout me??
mr. metrosexual: witty, charming, smart... about the same things i said to you as well

maybe i can try to be insanely attracted to him?


maybe "just nice" isn't too bad afterall... i mean why else would i suddenly find myself liking the swedish guy more and more?

we met up on sunday. as usual it was nice. we had coffee, shopped around for sunglasses for him (where the store assistant mistook me for his wife or girlfriend haha!) and then impulsively decided to head to his place to watch a bollywood movie.

the dvd was scratchy so we didn't get past an hour of the movie before it became obvious that we couldn't watch it properly. and then we headed out nearby for dinner, went back to his place and chatted some more and watched some tv.

it was a nice chill out time. we spent a total of 9 hours together. and yet in the 4 hours of us being alone in his apartment, nothing happened. he did attempt to tickle me a fair bit throughout the day. but other than that, there was nothing to hint if he liked me or not.

maybe i was too nervous (as i ususally am) to attempt giving him any come hither eyes.


and i was massively nervous when i received an impromptu IM from drummer boy with regards to my IM name. it was part of the lyrics of a song. a song that i like. a song that also reminds me of him.

i can't even begin to say how wildly my heart was beating. i'm surprised and a lil appalled that i should react this way. apparently somehow i still miss him...

getting over him is much much harder than i ever expected...

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At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you hang out with the swedish guy or mr. metro, i'm confused!

and sometimes something that is just "nice" can bloom into something more & wonderful.

At 10:40 PM, Blogger jo said...

caterpillar85: i hung out with the swedish guy. mr. metrosexual and i were just chatting over IM.

yeah i'm wondering if this "just nice" thing going on with the swedish guy might go anywhere...

At 7:29 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

Um...a man isn't going to spend 9 hours with a woman he doesn't like! LOL


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