Saturday, February 14, 2009

it would have been a good vday date if it had been a vday date

i was glad that 3 days before valentine's day, the swedish guy finally got to texting me to confirm that i hadn't forgotten our saturday plans. duh! of 'coz i hadn't forgotten. in fact i was just trying to fight the urge to contact him bout 'em.

so valentine's day rolls around and we met up in the morning for brunch. and then it was off to play mini golf. that was really fun. he beat me but i did make some pretty good shots. and then we walked a distance to get some ice cream and then walked an even further distance to get some sandwiches at his favorite cafe. and then we had a shorter walk as we made our way to the train station.

we stopped along the way to dance a bit of salsa by the roadside. he's just started to learn and he was just showing me some steps.

there was talk of other future "dates" like having a picinic in the park, cycling at night, going around the suburban areas taking pictures and watching some sports. i think we don't really have a lack of fun activities to think of doing... we just don't really have the time.

he's away next week for work (plus he loves to travel for leisure) and for the next few weeks i'm gonna be basically totally swamped in work. i reckon that the next time we meet would be at least mid march. who knows what might happen by then?

but we did have a massage bet going on regarding some silly thing bout the trains that i'm gonna win. and i will collect my massage prize.

so we reached the train station and went part of the way with each other before going our separate ways. he was going to get ready for a friend of a friend's birthday celebration and i had no plans other than to chill at home.

i definitely had fun but i still have no idea what to make of it... if there even is anything to make of it at all...

i do like him and i love how we never really get tired of talking... we've talked bout how we want our wedding to be, our dream house, how many kids we want... though none in actual relation to us... as well as a host of other stuff. and i get the feeling that he does like me... usually in the almost fond way he looks at me. so then what is happening? or not? maybe i need to watch he's just not that into you to get some clarity...



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