Sunday, February 08, 2009

that's fine even if nothing works out

in all the 6 years that we've been friends, my friend has never actually tried to set me up with anyone before. that is if you don't count her offer to set me up with one of her lesbian or bisexual frends. but recently she decided that her husband's friend might be a good choice for me and made arrangements to organise a casual dinner at her place.

nevermind that at the point when the plans were being made, the guy was attached. though he had been wanting to break off with his girlfriend and in fact he did so a week before the dinner.

the funny thing is that he is part of the same triathlon team as my friend's husband and chatty triathlete. i couldn't help laughing at the thought that if it really did work out and he brought me to meet his team-mates, it would be like "yep that's the same chick...".

well turns out that that was not to happen. he was nice and reasonably friendly and pretty humorous and all that. but there just wasn't any proper chemistry. and i guess there's just something bout him that i felt wouldn't really suit me.

i think my friend's husband was relieved. despite his wife's suggestion, he didn't think that the guy and i would fit. on a few occasions he actually told me "no, jo... no". in fact he thought the guy (his friend no less) was too hyper and sometimes annoying.

it wasn't really a wasted time though. dinner was fun... there was another couple from the triathlon team who i had met previously and we all had a nice time. i really enjoyed chilling out with friends and not quite friends.



At 3:16 AM, OpenID caterpillar85 said...

im glad you had a good time.

& although this guy wasn't the "one" its always nice to meet people, right?!

strange of your friend to stage a meet up though while he is still with someone.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger jo said...

caterpillar85: yeah it's nice to meet new people, even if there isn't always follow up. but hey even if it's just for one night, at least that was one night of doing something different or just something at all.

i did think it was a bit strange too. but i guess her rationale was that he wanted to break off with his gf anyway. and she felt that talking to him was similar to talking to me in that we're both the pretty bubbly type.


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