Thursday, February 19, 2009

what if i'm not the exception and just the rule?

like most everyone else, i read the book he's just not that into you. and while i started to like throwing that phrase around, i remembered not being really bowled over by the book either.

it's not that it was a bad book... but it just seemed obvious. perhaps therein lied it's magic... it was a book that stated the obvious that so many of us girls seem to make excuses for or forget.

of 'coz when the movie came out, i had to watch it. it's just the kinda chick flick that's right up my alley. but just like the way i felt bout the book, i found myself having mixed feelings bout the movie.

it's not that it was a bad movie... in fact i found myself being rather entertained throughout and enjoyed it thoroughly. but for a movie that started saying that maybe we're not the exception, maybe we're the rule, it chose to end on a hopeful note.

maybe i expected... or wanted... the movie to give me a slap in the face. a wakeup call to the reality of what might be happening. that he's just not that into you. but the hope... i've always said that the hope is what shattered my heart. the trying and hoping that maybe this time it'll work out and then getting crushed time and time again. and maybe all the movie did for me was to perpetuate this hope.


At 11:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i too felt the same way about the book & the movie. this game of love is just that...obvious. but i feel time & time again we get our hopes up, wait for the guy to call, make excuses as to why he is/isn't...

i can say one thing though..i felt like gigi was me to a "t" and i almost want to work hard to not be that rule anymore. i do want to be the exception but i think i need to stop setting myself up for it all to be so great and just go with the obvious!

At 12:10 AM, Blogger jo said...

caterpillar85: i found myself identifying with gigi as well. though i like to think that i'm a bit smoother than that haha! but i think i do try and put myself out there only to be faced by a whole bunch of guys who's not that into me. it's frustrating.

the thing with being the exception is that frankly i don't think there's a damn thing you can do. just like you can't quite help liking the guys you like. if the guy thinks you're his exception then that's just "luck" or whatever.

At 12:43 AM, Blogger audrey22 said...

jo i completely hear you. i read the book a long time ago and even though i was supposed to feel "enlightened" all i felt was, ok he's just not that into me, what next? The movie also gave me mixed feelings because in what world would Gigi have ended up with that guy. Dont get me wrong I enjoyed it thoroughly but at the same time, its like i'm not suppose to feel like im the exception but if Gigi can be the exception, why cant i? Your right though the exception, or when a guy is into you is more luck than anything else. You can't really force or make someone be into you, they are either into you or not. in the meantime i guess you just have to wait...which sucks for me because i have no patience.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

I feel the same way about the movie. Of course, they "Hollywood-ed" it and made happy little endings. In real life, the ending isn't always so happy. The movie was ok, but it was also disappointing. Like you said, the girls in the movie became the "exception" instead of the "rule".

At 1:35 PM, Blogger jo said...

audrey22: yes! i understand completely when you said bout how the movie makes you feel like if gigi could be the exception then why can't you? i felt just like that. it made me think that i should continue to keep trying and generally coming across as being desperate 'coz maybe one day i might meet that guy where i'm the exception. which don't get me wrong, i do believe that (or maybe i have to 'coz if i don't then all hope is lost)... but not really what i hoped the movie would do for me. i needed a slap in the face that said something more like "girl just face up to reality that he's just not that into you and move on already!"

saneandsingle: truth be told i've always thought that there is a problem with all movies and their happy endings. how is real life like that? it's falsely giving us hope bout fairytale endings. maybe they just know that we need that... or else we'd all just give up entirely...

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