Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it doesn't count if it's not a date

one of my "concerns" when i started the dating detox was the question of the alpha game player. i hadn't quite figured out what we were or more importantly how we felt bout the other. to borrow from the ladder theory, i guess i haven't figured out which ladder i've placed him on. maybe there should be a third ladder for this, the "i have no idea yet" ladder.

we've been chatting on the phone a fair bit. and there's no denying that we do get along in some ways despite being almost polar opposites (3 out of 4 indictors are different in our myers briggs personality type if that's anything to go from). i'm not entirely sure if he's interested or if he just likes me as a friend. and i'm sure he's just as unsure bout what i'm thinking or feeling as well.

if i had placed meeting up with him as a date, then it would be easy. i would simply refuse until after my dating detox. but if it was a non-date, then there isn't any reason to refuse. right?

i thought bout it and decided (based on some stuff including what he's said before) that it's not a date. and hence i accepted his invitation to come and meet me for lunch near my office.

we had a nice time just laughing and chilling out. i still can't tell if we're strictly platonic or not. but for now, i'm still leaning on the side that we're just pretty good friends...



At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm... i'm not sure if this classifies as still following the "detox rules" :) haha... just kidding.

i suppose just have fun with it but the fact that you even "think" it could be something more is taking away from the detox? i don't know.. that is just my opinion!

At 4:36 PM, Blogger jo said...

caterpillar85: i know what you mean. i think that's what bothers me the most. i think i thought it could be something more 'coz we talk as much as we do. but other than that nothing else seems to point towards it being anything more. so yeah i'm gonna go with it's not anything more. in any case, i'm sure he doesn't think it's a date so technically that's within the rules...


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