Wednesday, March 11, 2009

fortunately? or unfortunately?

i really needed a fun night like that. afterall i had missed out on a crazy partying night on sunday to mark the end of the event. my favorite pro athlete as well as the obviously lesbian pro athlete were there that night and i missed it 'coz i left the makeshift offsite office at 10pm and had to be back there again before 6am.

but last night... that was just what was necessary.

at lunch, some of the guys were talking bout heading out for drinks. and later in the evening i received a text from cutie aussie colleague informing me where they would be heading and asking me to come along.

it started out relatively easy. nothing more than just dinner and a few drinks. and then we decided to head to the club (which by now almost seems like the official club of the company i work for) and that was when everything got crazy.

we were all doing shots and mixing all kinds of drinks. i wasn't drunk but tipsy enough and yet still managed to hit that sweet spot where i wasn't hungover the next day.

there was this sweet looking girl who kept looking our way and i thought that she was interested in the new brit guy (who really needs a new nickname) but he told me that she was interested in me. and sure enough, she did come up to talk to me and seemed interested. it's strange. how do i manage to pull girls and not guys??

i reckon he realised that i wasn't into her and so to "save" me, he started dancing closely with me. now, we kinda have a history of good dancing with each other where a lotta twirls are involved. and that night was no exception. we even added some dips for good measure. it was really fun. i really like dancing with him. our twirls did occasionally take us within inches or each other's lips. but nothing happened. i still get that somewhat weird feeling that there is sometimes some sorta chemistry between us.

other than he's on the short side, a lil on the heavier side and prematurely balding at the tender age of 23, he's actually rather attractive. he's got beautiful blue eyes, a lovely smile and really sexy lips that makes you just wanna kiss him. but nothing happened. fortunately?

when the club closed, the rest of 'em wanted to head on to another place while i was just bout ready to call it a night. but cutie aussie colleague literally carried me into the taxi. i mean i hugged him goodbye and he lifted me off my feet and then wrapped an arm under my legs and carried me. later when we reached our destination, i basically fled into another taxi to head home. but before that i hugged cutie aussie colleague again 'coz he's leaving for another project in another country and i'm not sure when i'll see him again. we hugged and suddenly there was another weird feeling like we were going to kiss. but nothing happened. unfortunately?

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