Thursday, March 05, 2009

it's called an event 'coz it's eventful like that

it’s that crazy time of work where i work long hours every single day, generally get stressed out and essentially have quite a crazy time. but as it goes, it can sometimes be somewhat eventful…

it was a nice surprise to know that the doctor from the previous event was back on site again. the first thing he said when he saw me besides the general pleasantries was that he replied to my email and then he didn’t hear from me for months. he seemed almost amused meets slightly disappointed.

hmm i’m positive that i replied and he was the one who didn’t. so i hunted out the email i sent to him to prove it…

from: jo
to: doc

don’t lie… my email went to spam right?? haha! this proves that i DID reply…

he promptly replied.

from: doc
to: jo

hi jo wha cannot offend woman they will remember everything i think it went straight to the junk mail haha :) take care and jo it is always great to have you around
see you

*insert doc’s first name*

i couldn’t help but wonder what the whole “it is always great to have you around” comment meant… that and why he doesn’t use punctuation…

from: jo
to: doc

was that a dig at my awesome memory? haha! go figure i was wondering how come i didn’t get a response. or maybe going straight to junk mail is just the latest excuse…

he didn’t reply. maybe it went straight to junk mail again… or that is indeed the latest excuse…

well i guess i did continue to see him around the event and have some chats with him at times. we do seem to get along relatively well.


it was also great to see cutie aussie colleague again. it's been months since we last met and when i saw him again today at the makeshift offsite office, we hugged warmly. though strangely not as warmly as when cute aussie guy of the namecard giving and i met at the event the day before... but that could have been just 'coz cutie aussie colleague was on the phone when we first saw each other again.

but that said, he took a seat opposite me and we started chatting and joking around. i've definitely missed him. it's so nice to have him around and i wish that i could have him around all the time. but he leaves on tuesday for another project in another country before he heads off for his summer holiday. i have no idea at all when our paths might ever cross again...


the event also brought bout some other “interesting” things… it was an event for the best of women pro athletes in a particular sport. i’ve always had my favorite… though not necessarily for her prowess in the sport though she’s definitely good. it’s mostly ‘coz she’s uber cute in a cute boyish kinda way and yes, she’s possibly lesbian.

there was a cocktail reception to kick things off and i had a chance to talk more to her (i’ve always said that i wanted to “hit on her”) but nerves got the better of me and i didn’t really manage to strike a conversation (or frankly, any conversation at all) though she was wearing some interesting pins on her shirt that would have made for a perfect opening line. it’s hard as well ‘coz she’s quite shy and quiet. but that probably just adds to her cuteness.

on the other hand there was this other pro athlete… very highly ranked and a pretty obvious lesbian. i never really thought bout her as being attractive but then i got a brief taste of her natural slightly flirtatious charm as she “winked” and smiled knowingly at me before she left. and it was then that i understood how she would manage to pull the girls.


but ‘coz i identify as a straight woman, i’ve really been thinking of the swedish guy and how it’s been over a week since he last contacted me outta his own accord. the last time we texted was on friday but i was the one who initiated it and technically that doesn’t really count. besides i was a wee bit disappointed that he didn’t bother to contact me that night when more than 2 hours had passed since the supposed time i was possibly going to meet him and his friend for a drink. in the end i just had to text him (‘coz i’m just nice like that) to let him know that i was still stuck at work and too tired to head out. he didn’t really ask me much either. i guess he’s just not that into me.

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