Friday, April 03, 2009

9 days into the detox and...

... i've turned down another 2 requests from guys to meet up.

the first was the guy from new york who recently made a comeback. it has been so long that i just bout forgot bout him. the quick background is that i met him bout 3 years ago when my party girl and i found ourselves hanging out with a group of lesbians and bisexual women. he told me that he's always wanted to kiss me. we kiss. i find out that his girlfriend is one of the bisexual women. she gives me her blessing to kiss her boyfriend. it's all kinda strange.

so anyway he IMs me every now and then but it's always been all sexual inneundoes which i can't even be bothered to bother bout. recently he's IMed me more often again after seeing me in a shopping mall. i didn't see him (honestly i'm not even totally sure if i would recognise him) but he must have seen something he liked. he certainly liked my (admittedly dominatrix-ish)shoes since he said that i would look sexy in just those shoes.

anyhow he asked me out and i kinda just didn't quite bother to answer his question. i'm pretty sure he's just looking for some fun. for some reason he happens to think that i'm the right girl to be looking for for that. well i'm not. i never was.

the other guy was a guy i got to know via the online dating site. we've IMed, we've texted, we've talked bout meeting up. he finally asked me out.

guy: u free tml nite? probably hav a drink together for a first meet up :p
jo: so bout meeting up... tomorrow i'm not free and also i've recently decided to take a bit of time out from meeting up. if ure still up for it, after apr works for me...
guy: sounds like u r suffering frm meeting up fatigue. been doing alot of meeting ups eh? lol. discuss again after apr then.
jo: haha! not really... just decided to take some time to focus on myself haha! but i wld like to meet up w u so yeah keep in touch :p
guy: didnt knw meeting up for a few hrs can be so draining. haha. jus kidding. keep in touch :)
jo: haha! thanks for understanding anyhow :)

for the first time i actually wondered for a bit if this whole dating detox is a good idea. i know one of my rules was that i would not worry that i will lose a good guy 'coz i happen to be taking 30 days off from dating. but admittedly sometimes i do wonder. though deep down i still believe it is the right thing to do.

and 'coz i really didn't mind meeting up with this guy, i thought i made my interest in meeting up very clear. hopefully we do get to meet up after this dating detox is over.



At 8:33 PM, Anonymous belle said...

been reading for a while.

i would suggest not telling men about the detox you're on. i would be put off if a man told me he had issues to work on before dating me :S

some things are TMI...

At 11:10 PM, Blogger jo said...

belle: hmmm interesting... so what do you suggest i tell 'em then? though to be honest i'm quite sure i don't have many more to tell that to haha!

At 10:09 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

Dating detox, huh? I've been involuntarily detoxing myself! LOL Good luck with it! The guy from new york sounds like a loser!

At 12:17 PM, Blogger jo said...

saneandsingle: yeah over the weekend my friend was telling me that she doesn't date anymore. so i had to ask if it was a voluntary or an involuntary non-dating haha! nothing wrong with involuntary i suppose. yeah he's a bit of a loser. i should stay away from these types who are only looking to get some action.


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