Thursday, April 02, 2009

technically i still haven't broken the rules

this whole dating detox thing has been leaving me refreshingly free and yet somewhat careful that i'm not breaking any of my pre-determined rules.

on tuesday night, 3 of us ex-colleagues met up for drinks where i shared bout this dating detox. later we hit the club that we usually wind up at. i find that i rather like it there on a weekday 'coz while the live band is playing and still awesome, it's far less crowded and we can actually get some service, seats and more importantly room to dance.

we had a few drinks, sat for a bit, danced for a bit and then sat back down for a bit. it was then that we were busy gawking at a group of guys dancing together. some were obviously tipsy as evident by the way they were channeling something akin to bruce lee martial arts moves on the dance floor. and some others who joined them were the hip hop types with their breakdancing. i've never seen such a big group (nor such an enthusiastic group) of guys dancing together. ever. it was hilarious. and perhaps even kinda embarrassing for 'em when they wake up the next day with a hangover and their friends telling tales of 'em busting out those moves. but for us girls, we were thoroughly entertained.

i wasn't looking to meet anyone. obviously. but this older guy suddenly sat himself down next to me and chatted me up, using the group of dancing guys as an opening line. he was friendly. i was friendly. we chatted. sparks never flew. but he was nice and we had a nice time chatting. turns out he's an australian pilot and he occassionally stops over on my side of the world for a few days. we then chatted bout different clubs in the area and i mentioned one that i like to go but is only good for the weekends 'coz it's dead during the weekdays.

and then the girls decided that they wanted to hit the dancefloor to watch the live band and dance and we joined 'em though i wasn't exactly dancing with him (i wasn't really dancing with the girls either 'coz we were all busy watching the live band) and somehow he disappeared off.

but just before we decided to leave, i saw him in my path so i decided to be friendly and say goodbye. i kinda thought that was it and didn't think too much bout it. well apparently not. 'coz after a good distance away, i suddenly found that he had just come up behind us and told me that the next time he was in town during a weekend perhaps we could all head to the club i suggested. he asked for my number and i gave it (though i never got his and he hasn't tried to contact yet). i must say that i was entirely surprised that he actually walked out of the club, looked around to find out which way i went ('coz there were 4 different ways i could have walked) just to ask for my number. the girls laughed at how among all of the girls, he had to pick the one who wasn't dating.

that reminded me of how i met the swedish guy in the first place. it was in a club where that night i had already decided that i wasn't going to even bother bout any guys. and then i wound up meeting a great guy. where in time to come progressed and then stopped and then i find myself once again trying not to bother bout any guys...

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