Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this eventual reply could just open pandora's box

bout 7 months ago i wrote one of the most open heart-felt emails i have ever written in my life. to a certain drummer boy who left me remarkably confused. an email that he never answered.

since then i've dated and made out with other people or just dated other people or just made out with other people. drummer boy and i have had a few and far between IM conversations, we even met up for dinner once. i've realised that ultimately we aren't suitable for each other. though through it all i suppose a part of me never actually truly got over him. and i suppose a part of him never actually truly got over me either.

who would have thought that bout 7 months down the road, he would finally give me an answer in a particularly engaging IM conversation where we pretty much almost discussed what happened between us (though in typical uneloquent drummer boy fashion).

drummer boy: is it possible to start over and maybe get to know each other again?

i'm not even sure how to answer that. but 'coz i'm better than he is, the best i could do was to tell him that i couldn't quite give him a definite answer.

if this came earlier, i would be lying if i said that i wouldn't have been happy to give it another try. but in the light of the alpha game player, i'm just not so sure anymore. that said i could just delude myself into thinking that drummer boy and i are just friends. afterall the alpha game player himself is going out with a girl who is interested in him and who he was interested in. but of 'coz we all know that he doesn't touch anyone who isn't his girlfriend. how does that work again? then again maybe that method really does work...

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At 1:57 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

He lost his chance..


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