Monday, December 25, 2006

the christmas weekend

merry christmas!

it's been a kinda hectic time so be prepared for a looong one...

on friday i met up with my ex-classmate based in china who was back home for the week. my oldest school friend and another ex-classmate also joined us. later the 4 of us girls went to meet some of my ex-classmate based in china's friends in a club. they were supposed to be having a boy's night out. and i suppose we were supposed to be 'invading' it. so at promises of meeting cute guys, we all trooped to the club.

the night turned out to be somewhat boring. i'm not exactly sure why i thought that it wouldn't be since i've been bored all the times i've gone to that particular club. i don't like the crowd and i don't like the music. usually i try and stay away from there. as for my ex-classmate based in china's guy friends. well i did talk to a few of 'em and i did get along pretty well with 2 in particular. but for the most part those guys weren't really my type. and some were even married!

so in a bored-and-looking-for-excitement mood, my oldest school friend and i asked this married guy (who wasn't wearing a ring so i had to ask him pointblank first if he was married like i heard from another guy) if he thought kissing another girl was cheating. he said something bout a feeling. and then later sorta admitted that he didn't exactly think it was cheating. so i turned the tables around and asked if he would consider it cheating if his wife kissed another guy. well to him that was cheating. talk bout double standards.


almost 2 weeks ago pool boy and i made plans to meet and saturday was the day. we got along well. just as we had the first time we met in the pool. i'm strangely rather comfy with him. and he's pretty sweet. he had just gotten back from a week-long vacation in taiwan and had bought me a bracelet. i totally didn't expect that and thought that it was nice of him to think of me. maybe he did 'coz he hasn't been on a date in 6 months. i have no idea why he told me that. and i found myself thinking "we're on a date??" okay so i probably know that that was a date but i've just never liked the word 'date'. he also told me that he's been single for 3 years and though he does club, has never asked a girl for her phone number in the club before. apparently he just asks girls he meets in the pool. i guess the impression i got was that he isn't a player type. and he's not too bad in the looks department as well. but somehow i just don't think i'm all that attracted to him. i don't know why. he seems nice and all but i'm just not feeling it.


christmas eve i had that christmas event that someone 'invited' me to join. but the night before i received a text from him.

someone: "hey, tmr we are gathering in *gathering place*. bus is catered for down to *place where event is held* :)
jo: okay cool. see ya then! :P

i thought that was it. and honestly that would have been perfectly fine. but then he goes on to send this which just messes with me...

someone: "i must apologise that i can't be with you more often. heh. hope you understand cos i am program in charge. so will need to be running about most of the time
jo: no worries. maybe we can catch up again after you're less busy
someone: i will still be busy. but will make time. heh. :) really glad u can join us in this. want to join our group? heh. :)
jo: haha! i'll hold you to that so no excuse for you anymore haha! :P i'm definitely glad to be able to be a part of this. i wouldn't mind checking out your group.

so just as he predicted, i hardly saw him on the event day except for one moment when i was carolling and we smiled. but it didn't matter 'coz i was busy with the event and having fun. even though it was soo tiring, it was also very rewarding and fun. and i even got to make some new friends.

after the countdown was over and as we were gathering to head back, i saw someone again. i had hoped that we would be able to wish each other a merry christmas. but somehow he was just too busy with all his friends. i'm positive that he saw me. we were practically next to each other at one point. but he chose to ignore me and i chose to do the same. it's like we're back in school playing a game. that really messes with me. one minute he's all friendly and the next he's ignoring me. it's just crazy.

but what's crazier still is that i still like him. gosh! i'm pathetic.

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At 11:48 PM, Blogger emma5 said...

Hey. I'm just after reading all of your blog. You really remind me of me in certain aspects. But I've decided that I'm sick of sitting around waiting for guys to fall on my lap, and I'm just going to get out there and pretend that I'm the hottest thing ever, and I know they will all come running. That's what you should do too. I think you should give pool boy a chance, and forget about someone, because, trust me, he'll hurt you. You seem like a lovely person, but you should really just go for what you want.

At 7:40 AM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Do├║ble standard is all what some guyz have to offer.. grrr

Oooooh u were on a date and you didn't tell me - how rude! But then again, since u urself didn't know that, ur excused ;)

Hmmm someone is giving you the hot/cold treatment... uff, men are just like cigerates or choclate - you know they are bad for you but you just can't leave em alone (lyric from Bachelor Girl - thought it was approprate).

Oh well, with the new year approaching maybe it will bring some better luck & hope... but hey, if you find a wicked guy, do make sure to ask him if he has got a wicked friend too... for meeee! hahahaha


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