Saturday, December 16, 2006

lil miss naughty girl

yesterday night i had a tobacco event for work. i'm not exactly sure what was the purpose other than an excuse to drink and have fun. and drink and have fun was exactly what we did.

a whole bunch of other colleagues were invited and these are the craziest bunch. the minute i stepped into the bar where the event was held, i was presented with a tequila shot by those guys. in my years working in the company, i have already somehow made a name for myself for being able to drink well. so i downed the tequila, had dinner and then downed more tequila and other mixes.

the conversations always seem so much more interesting when everyone is a lil tipsy.

at one point out of office eye candy came over to my couch to have a chat with me. but not before telling another colleague (regarding me), "i have to court her now or else i may not get another chance to court her."

inside i wanted to tell him that he could court me anytime.

we had a good chat. and later we even took a polaroid together. fun times.

i also had quite a nice chat with the new accountant. my guy colleague (who wasn't invited for this event) was right. the new accountant is pretty nice to talk to. and i may be mistaken but i think he was flirting with me at some points.

i think everyone was flirting with each other. one of my colleagues who is based out of the office was also flirting. i've gone out with him and another female colleague also based out of office before to play pool and we had great fun. but this time our conversation totally took a different spin when he brought up the topic of past relationships and what we wanted in a partner.

i was in full sparkle mode. this is my element.

but then things took a crazy twist...

my colleagues had all left while i was still waiting for my party girl to contact me 'coz she was having dinner with her boyfriend who had just come to town. our key account executive of our tobacco supplier convinced me to stay there till i heard from my party girl. so i did. and it was crazy.

he piled on the drinks and we were laughing and chatting the whole time. it was surprising how well we got along. he's too much like me that it's dangerous. we even managed to talk a lil bout more personal stuff though i could tell that he was reluctant to talk more bout his marriage which i gathered didn't go well at all since he seemed near to tears.

later another of his colleagues joined us. he was the polaroid photographer who we were all previously joking around with. he's married with a cute daughter. but he also told me that if he wasn't, he would go after me. he didn't understand why i was single 'coz i had all these good qualities such as steamy eyes (yes he said that!), looks and a fun personality. it's a good thing that i've had quite a bit of experience in married men hitting on me so i could just easily laugh it off and say married men is not my thing.

but the 3 of us talked and got on easily though it was pretty obvious that the key account executive and i definitely had chemistry. in fact the polaroid photographer readily pointed that out. i got kinda uneasy when the key account executive would keep staring at me so i would look away. he straight up called me on it and asked if i had difficulty with eye contact with a guy. i told him that it depends. but didn't tell him that i only have difficulty when i feel the guy's sparks but am not sure if that's the way i want to go. i mean i'm not sure bout his marriage status and he's my key account executive. we have to work together. that just sounds like potential complication. plus i don't want anyone at work to know. he dared me to look him right in the eyes and 'coz i don't back down like that, i do.

later the polaroid photographer drove us back since we all lived near to each other. i sat in the middle of 'em in the front seat of his van. the key account executive kept tickling me. and even though i'm normally rather ticklish, apparently i wasn't this time round. and he kept trying to make me ticklish. dangerous thing to do since he himself is really ticklish. but i've learnt that tickling is apparently one way a guy uses to try and touch a girl. well he didn't touch anywhere inappropriate even though the tickling itself probably wasn't very appropriate to begin with. later he walked me to my door. and we said bye.

thank goodness nothing exactly happened. that would have been waay too complicated. i'm really just hoping that nobody in the office will hear anything bout this even though a bunch already know that i stayed back at the bar. i admit that i'm a lil worried... i don't know...

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At 3:14 PM, Blogger cathrina said...

i liked the story..did read till the end..

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

OMG Jo, hear I was thinking our office parties are so-so-so-scandalous! But that’s the thing with office parties – they live by the Vegas rules. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

Last week after our infamous x-mas party, nobody mentioned it, and everyone were pretending that it was raining cats & dogs… so I wouldn’t worry Jo, cuz nothing happened… right???

At 8:04 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Iiih the executive seems way creepy! I mean his not giving you subtle hints, he’s working it hard! Nothing happened… but the question is, would you have liked something to have happened?

At 7:29 AM, Blogger mutleythedog said...

Have you considered buying a Tazer? Im used to tickling, stroking etc. being a dog and I quite like being touched inappropriately - but if you don't, you dont!

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Merry Christmas Sweety! :)

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

PS. Have you considered sending Santa a pic of whom you want for christmas? It might work ;)

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