Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the testimonial

recently pool boy asked if he could add me as one of his friends in *insert name of internet social network service*. i thought why not? not that i actually even bother with those. today i received a testimonial from him via that internet social network service that honestly nearly caused me to fall outta my chair...

this was what he wrote:

"jo is, by far, the coolest girl i have ever dated. ok, so i probably dated less than a dozen girls in all the years of my life combined, but still, jo is quite the study in contradictions.

very friendly and yet coolly sophisticated at the same time, kinda like a cozy hut located at the peak of mount everest. or a medic dispensing medical help amidst a crowd of violent rioters. or a book about the secrets of life written in an exotic, alien language ;)

haha, i have officially run out of dopey metaphors. it’s good knowing you. here’s to a great 2007. keep in touch!"

my very first thought was that if i approved this testimonial, all my friends will probably think that he and i dated. we had one date. i'm not sure if i'd call him a guy i dated 'coz that just seems like we should have had more than one date. and of 'coz my second thought that came soon after was "he thinks we dated??"

but okay i admit that that was a really sweet testimonial from him. and despite knowing me for a relatively short period of time, he seems to have figured out that i'm contradictory (nevermind that that's exactly the word that i used to describe myself in my profile in that internet social network service). and his dopey metaphors were actually quite interesting and rather descriptive of myself. so in his eyes i'm coolly sophisticated and different from the crowd? that's pretty cool to have someone think of me that way though most of the time i just feel like the bumbling, fumbling dork.



At 9:44 AM, Blogger emma5 said...

Aw, that's really cute! Did you accept his testimonial?
And no, Ben is way better with Felicity. But we'll agree to disagree. :) I just love Ben.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger emma5 said...

Ah, I mean better than Noel.


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