Saturday, December 30, 2006

saturday, saturday

today i realised firsthand the drawbacks of meeting a guy in the pool...

you can't get the decent workout you were hoping for.

i went to the pool for a swim and did a couple of laps feeling somewhat accomplished that i could actually achieve something that i wasn't sure i would be able to and in a timing that i was somewhat comfy with. my initial plan was then to spend more time working on further improving my timing without expending too much energy.

but all that changed.

bout 15 minutes later in walks pool boy.

so of 'coz we had to have a bit of a chat. it's still pretty easy to talk to him but i did find myself wondering at one point when we would actually run out of things to talk bout. he asked me out for a movie tonight but i declined saying that i might have plans. well in a way it was true. the week before the australian lesbian texted me asking me to hang out but since i was busy i suggested today instead. i might have actually gone out but she didn't contact me and lately i really have been totally off partying. but then i didn't really feel like going to watch a movie with pool boy either. and not 'coz i didn't want to watch that particular movie he suggested. it was like all i wanted to do was to laze around at home.

which of 'coz then leaves me lazing around at home on a saturday night.

sometimes i'm not sure what's wrong with me. perhaps it's just 'coz i'm not really attracted to pool boy and not really interested in anything more than just friends. or maybe partying has just become such a turnoff for me. or perhaps i'm just really tired out. but i guess what i'm more worried bout is that i may be slowly turning into a hermit and not even realising it. that as other commitments and (solitary) interests in my life are increasing, i have put social stuff and partying in the backseat. or maybe on the more positive side i could finally be done overthinking the whole guys and social thing and just be happy doing the things that i'm interested in... even if it means doing 'em alone.

but hey if i find someone (and i mean a cute guy) along the way, that'll be great too.

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At 4:01 AM, Blogger emma5 said...

Hey, don't worry. You are always saying that you consider going to the pool a "solitary" activity, and yet you've already gotten a date out of it. If you want to take a break from partying, then you should.

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Hmmmm... so whats better - do chose to be alone, or feeling lonely in company.

Eh Jo, don't stress hun, just follow your gutfeeling. If you like Pool Guy as a friend, then treat him like one - you never know if the feeling will grow into something else. Then again, maybe it won't...

What will be will be. Lifes a great journey, so you might just as well relax and enjoy the ride.

Cheers & Happy New Year!

At 7:35 PM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

Another setback for meeting a guy in the pool - he sees you in your bathing suit. Might not be an issue to you (and if it's not, because you've got disgustingly perfect body, I will hate you!), but I can think about a million better things to do then to parade my ass up and down a slippery pool edge in something that climbs into my butt while clinging onto my body like it's life depended upon it...



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