Monday, August 27, 2007

the double standard

so in the course of conversation, i happened to ask my family friend's setup where he was on friday night. he told me that he was at some naughty girlie bar. apparently helping out a friend who was having some er... needs...

great... so once again i get told that he's at a girlie bar. and while i guess open admission is good, i'm not sure what to think.

why is it that guys get to have their girlie bars / strip joints / whatever while girls don't? girls don't have places where we can go to paw hot men and get 'em to fulfill our needs. and then have everyone just brush it off as a "girl thing". guys in between relationships (and even during relationships) can easily go to such places or visit prostitutes or whatever to get their fix. but where does a girl go to get her fix? if she goes out to the bars on a man hunt, she can be labelled a slut. but most of all... most girls aren't even the types to be out just to get her needs met. no, we need that whole emotional connection thing.

sometimes i wished that i could shut everything off, social conditioning, my religious upbringing, my conscience, everything... and just date like a man.

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At 1:23 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

Uhhh yeah. I do date like a man. I don't give a shit about labels and in fact, I am incredibly happy with my sexuality.
Take a tip from Larry Flynt (of Hustler): Relax. It's just sex.


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