Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the process of forgetting and getting over

my phone beeped...

jo's mom: just 'saw' *insert someone's name* at *particular location*
jo: you saw him?
jo's mom: yes. 'talk' 5 secs. he going library. you still got 'sparks' for him?

i don't even know how to answer that.

i've been trying my best to get over him. afterall he's not into me at all. that should be blatantly obvious by now. but i've liked him irrationally for the longest time ever that it's kinda hard to just get over him like that.

recently i actually resorted to verbally saying that i'm no longer interested in him. maybe i'm trying to cheat my heart. every time i should even have a slight "aww" feeling bout him, i try and stop myself. that said, i think a part of me will always be 'in love' with him. and i might as well just deal with that. even if chances are that we will probably never ever be together. in all probability we will just be acquaintances at best.

but getting my mom's text just messed with me a lil...

dammit what does it take for a girl to truly forget someone?



At 6:27 PM, Blogger MPA said...

There are some guys I was head over heels for, then the feelings faded and it actually amazes me now to remember just how strong those feelings were. But there's at least one guy that I fell for really really hard and whenever I see him (about once every 3 years!) my heart still flip-flops. So, to answer your question "what does it take for a girl to truly forget someone?" (assuming it wasn't purely rhetorical), I'd say there isn't much you can do, except learn to live with it, and move on.

Yeah, sorry: I know that's really not helpful!


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