Monday, September 10, 2007

coming outta hibernation

i know i've been rather quiet lately. blame it on last week's exam week for my self imposed hibernation which just bout killed whatever social life i might have had.

a lot has happened. and my life has changed. though nothing that i really wanna get into since it has nothing to do with the boys and that's what i rather talk bout here.

my family friend's setup and i still haven't met up in what by now seems like ages. we've talked very briefly on IM. one memorable time was when he told me that my IM picture was unflattering as it made my arms look 'thick'.

i find the need to explain that i'm in no way considered 'thick'. not by a long shot. not by any shot at all. in fact i'm naturally thin. but i work out. and the problem is that admittedly the angle of the camera when it takes a slightly more side view shot of me coupled with my arm being closer to my body, kinda does make my arm look 'thick'.

it was really 'nice' of my family friend's setup to highlight it. in fact this just goes right up there with the time he mentioned that i have one of the broadest shoulders he's seen on a girl. again that's just my natural frame. though perhaps i should mention that i also swim a fair bit.

between all that, the open admission of going to girlie bars and the whole going dutch thing, i'm not sure if he's impressing all that much. it just seems like we're just friends who get along... apparently so well that he dared to tread into the danger zone of implying to a girl that her arm was 'thick'. maybe i'm just like a guy buddy to him.

now i have a pretty good sense of humor and tend not to take things too seriously. but what i was more disgusted at was my reaction. i actually cared (somewhat) bout what he thought. and that really just means that i so have to reel back my feelings for him.


just before i walked into school for my last paper of this semester, who should i run into but prick04. i have the worst luck ever. i always seem to run into him. i hesitated for a moment wondering if i should say hi. in the end i decided on a small wave but admittedly i was pretty cold.

he was with some friends and in office attire. how does that happen? after the whole indecent exposure charge and he is still able to find work so easily?


saturday i went for an ex-classmate's house warming cum class gathering. the host is a guy that i used to go out with many years ago. he married our classmate. yes, it's strange like that.

i haven't been to a class gathering in a while and while it's nice to catch up, i realised how entirely stressful it was. thank goodness for the wine. i really needed it. it was too stressful to see how everyone is attached / married / married with kids. i mean there was one 2 month old baby and a 2 year old toddler with news of another 2 month old baby and a 2 day old baby who didn't make it to the gathering as well as other couples trying for a baby.

i'm thinking that the next time i'm going for such a gathering, i better be attached, married, preggers or just damn successful.

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At 7:30 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

You know, I showed up to my 11 year high school reunion last year and saw all the little families. And I thought to myself- thank GOD I am single without children. I can do whatever I want!!!


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